Tim Russ [Interview]

A few months ago we did a long run of interviews entitled “The Voices of Fallout 4” that fan’s of the game brought with some amazing praise and lots of encouragement. So much so that we decided we would love to do it all over again. But, why not break it up a bit? Mainly because he discovered that there are so many amazing folks involved in the Fallout world who have had spectacular careers beyond the Wasteland. So it feels like it would be better to just showcase these amazing artists whenever they are able to share a few words with us.

And today is a brilliant example of a legendary actor who just so happened to be involved in Fallout 4 as just another notch in the extremely impressive proverbial belt of acting gigs. That man is the legendary actor Tim Russ. Mr. Russ was indeed the man behind Capt. Kells of the Brotherhood on Fallout 4. But he may be even more recognizable for his brilliant performances in the likes of Spaceballs and Star Trek: Voyager and so much more. He is an extremely accomplished actor who has proven himself to be a legend in the world of performance with a career spanning decades and an astonishing list of credits. Not to mention the involvement in so many different cult franchises that undoubtedly bring along a string of hardcore cult followings.

So without further ado and to end my rambling, please enjoy some great words from the legendary Tim Russ!

You managed to steal the show with one simple line in the legendary comedy Spaceballs when you belted out, ‘We ain’t found shit!” as you’re “combing” the desert. During the time, did you have any idea that you would have such a impact on the world with just a few words?

At the time no, not in the least.  I was even wondering if it would stay in the movie.  Often those bits get cut out for time. But as it turned out it’s become iconic. 

You joined the ranks as one of the elite idols to a very avid fan base when you joined the world of Star Trek in 1993, and eventually landing a full run on Voyager. What has your experience been like being known to millions as the great Tuvok in one of the most beloved franchises of all time?

It has been an ongoing association over the years.  To me it was just another role I booked, that happened to be long running, but the fandom associated with it was greater than that of an average series.  Most shows don’t have their own conventions and related events such as with the Trek franchise. 

Your work on Fallout 4 as Captain Kells was brilliant and added so much to the experience? What are your thoughts on the final product that was the biggest selling video game in history?

Well, it was once again, from my perspective, it was just another video game booking I got, and many hours in the studio.  I had no idea it was going to be so popular to the game players out there.  I’m glad to find out it was.

Have you experienced any cross-over fans from the Fallout and Star Trek worlds? Have you had an interactions with fans who realized that the 
legendary Tuvok is also featured in one of their favorite video games?

Yes, occasionally at conventions I get people coming up to my table asking me to sign their Fallout 4 game box.  So, not surprisingly, there are those fans out there who like Trek and that game as well.

 So what is next for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers and your loyal fans who have surely made their way digitally over here?

I’ve got another video game project coming out shortly, unfortunately I can’t reveal the real name yet, but I believe it’s the 3rd in a series and it’s very popular,  and I just finished working dong voice-over work on a feature called, Fairy’s Game, playing one of the characters. On camera, just awaiting the release of a Sci-Fi thriller feature film called, 5th Passenger, and the 1st part of Renegades Requiem  which I directed, and should be made public very soon.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

It was a bit on Youtube, a flash mob performance of Beauty and the Beast.  It took place in a busy intersection crosswalk.

Check out this exciting teaser trailer for Renegades Requiem courtesy of The Atom Network:

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