Christopher Matthew Cook [Interview]

So, a few months ago, I was listening to my favorite podcast, Super Geeky Play Date, do a hilarious review of the film Dog Eat Dog on Episode #40 of their show (“Working Man’s Vin Diesel, I believe they called him). It is suffice to say, they didn’t care much for the film. But, they did manage to throw in a plethora of compliments for one actor….Christopher Matthew Cook. So, I was intrigued. And when I am intrigued, I reach out! And sometimes the person who has intrigued me is nice enough to amuse a low-rent entertainment blogger with some answers to to some questions….and this was one of those times!

Christopher Matthew Cook has been making waves in the world of film and television with his gigantic size, and even larger talent. He has appeared in television series like The Walking Dead, Zoo, and Under the Dome. He also had an outstanding role in the Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg fronted action film 2 Guns. And just so much more. So, I was obviously very excited when he agreed to talk with us for a bit. He’s a charming fella who may have biceps as large of a school bus, but that’s nowhere near as impressive as the size of his heart. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the great Christopher Matthew Cook!

What made you decide to join the world of acting? Did you have early aspirations in to join the business?

I’m an only child and would entertain myself daydreaming and acting out scenarios in my head. I have memories of going to the movies and acting them out afterwards. I leaned towards music and grew up playing drums and also singing in bands. I always wanted to act but never followed through with going to classes, etc. I finally started taking an acting class and it was an instant fit.

And what keeps you going in this world? What do you still enjoy about the occupation?

I love to create different characters and imaginary worlds. I love the discipline that it takes to continue to learn, grow and persevere.

Your work in the Dog Eat Dog, directed by the legendary Paul Schrader, with a script adapted from the book by the dearly departed Edward Bunker, was quite the thrill ride, and I dare say you stole the show acting alongside Nic Cage and Willem Dafoe. What was your experience like working on this project?

Thank you! It was an amazing experience to work alongside and learn from three of America’s greats. The most challenging aspect for me was the fact that there was a delay in getting me the script due to re-writes. The positive outcome was I was afforded the opportunity to do script analysis with Paul Schrader for a week prior to shooting our first day.

In 2014 you had a nice couple of episodes in the legendary Walking Dead series playing Licari. What was this experience like for you? Were you a fan of the series prior to working on it?

It was probably the absolute best set that I’ve worked on and they really are a family. Everyone is treated with respect and welcomed with open arms. I was a fan of the show, but I had no idea of the magnitude of the fan base until after the episodes aired.

Aside from the amazing work you have already accomplished, what would consider a dream project for you personally? What is something you have been yearning to work on but haven’t quite made your way to just yet?

I would love to be on a cop show as a cop or detective. I would also love to breakout of the cop and bad guy at some point, but I’m definitely grateful for the work!!

So what is next for you? Anything you would like to plug with our readers?

I’ve got a couple of projects in the works and just shot a movie with director Jordan Rubin called The Drone. I’m not sure if thats actually going to be the name of the movie.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

I’m always smiling, laughing and talking to myself. Another day above ground is a beautiful thing!

Check out the trailer for Dog Eat Dog courtesy of Zero Media:

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