I love this site – there’s nothing about it that’s off the shelf.  It doesn’t seek to sedate you. 

– Jim Geoghan (executive producer, Family Matters)

I love your page!

– Lian Lunson (filmmaker, Leonard Cohen: I’m Your Man)

Why do you spend so much damn time on this thing!

– Melissa Trembath (Ron’s wife)

Trainwreck’d Society is an experiment in dubious simplicity.  The site was created by blogger Ron Trembath on July 4th, 2011 in a lonely hotel room just on the outskirts of Biloxi, Mississippi.  Our “based out of” part of the site has shifted from that dirty room in Biloxi, to Spokane, Washington to South Korea and to its current “base” of southern Spain.  TWS is not really based in an region, and also as no bases for reason.  You will see quite a few live reviews form the Portland, Oregon area where one of our fine writers and show gazers is “based” at.  Intentionally stripped down of any glitz and glamour, TWS is a site that is driven by content, and content alone.  This is a place for true artists to shed some light on an otherwise dark and deceiving world.  Music, Literature, Film, Wine, Art, and so much more are the basis of this simple site.  We manage to bring in big names to be profiled right alongside the “emerging artists” with a full on focus on their talents, and not their glamour.  The day we stop doing this, and lose our souls, is the day the wreckage will have been rid of all it’s sensational glory, and we shall all perish.  So enjoy!

Ron Trembath (founder/editor, drunkard of the lowest sort) who currently lives in Rota, Spain and has been in the freelance (meaning unpaid, and underwhelmed) blogger for the last 6 years writing for sites like Fensepost, Crappy Indie Music!  The Blog, Music Geek, Comfort Comes, and Sergeant Sparrow Magazine. He was also the editor and organizer of the collective works project Children of Mercy: Tales and Teaching From the World of Independent Music, which is a book & compilation album released in 2011, just months before TWS came to life.

Past contributors have included the great woodsmen and poet Ray Wiggington of Nashville, Tennessee, filmmaker Chris Eaves from Vancouver, Washington, 4 Guys Drinking cohost Adam Mattson from Longview, Washington, musician David Minne from Longview, Washington, polysci major Dusten Retcher from Bloomington, Minnesota.

For a complete list of all of our interviews, reviews, features, and more, be sure to check out our extremely organized and vitally helpful INDEX.

Musicians, Artists, Filmmakers, Winos, Writers, Etc.:  If you find this site to be the best thing since sliced cheese and milk thistle, or you are just looking for press wherever you can get it, we would love to hear from you.  E-mail us at:


If you prefer to kick it old school, and would like to send physical copies of anything, just leave a message of sincerity, and an address will be forwarded to you ASAP.  Any and everything will be considered.  Limitations are for the meek!

We guarantee that your work will not be used in any form that could harm you or career in any way.  Well, we’ll give it a shot.  Let us know if we piss you off.

And of course, you can find us on Facebook and the Twittersphere.  Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook for access for even more photos (especially regarding our Travelogue), updates and more.  And “Follow” us as well, although that just seems like a strange thing to do.

Also, look out for the upcoming Trainwreck’d Children Radio Podcast, coming soon!


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