Sunday Matinee: Unpresidented [Short]

Hello Everyone! Yes, we are coming to you all on the unusual Sunday here with a new feature on the site that we are very excited to share with you all. Welcome to the Sunday Matinee! I know that we have less than subtly been pulling an MTV on you all and skewing away from being a music centric site, and have leaned into the world of film and television. And with the addition of this feature, there is obviously no stopping the monsters within. But, I think you all are going to love it.

For the first official edition of the Sunday Matinee, we would like to share an amazing new short from the fine folks at Ganglebot Films entitled Unpresidented. You may recognize Ganglebot from the sensational viral videos aptly titled The Drunk Series, which we also highly recommend. And the company’s latest venture into the world of politics is absolutely incredible, and something we are so happy to share with you fine readers.

Unpresidented is a short bit of satire that feels absurd and ridiculous in it’s own right. I mean, it is children saying some frightening and offensive things on camera. Problem with it is, 95% of the frightening and offensive dialogue the children are using, are taken almost directly from the voice of our current sitting President of the United States of America. And that is what should truly be frightening and offensive to the viewers. The film manages to clearly explain the events surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election that led us to the state that we are in today. It is a masterpiece of satire and hilarity that is sure to make you cringe while laughing hysterically.

So please enjoy Unpresidented, our first venture into the world of the Sunday Matinee.


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