Greetings From Spektor Island: Music From the Film “Ten” [Album]

tensoundtrackcoverSo, there has been this great little project known as Ten that has been floating around our little blog here for a few months.  There has also been the mentions of artists such as Darling Pet Munkee, Catherine Capozzi, The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library, and, to a sort of related extent, Do Not For Sake Me Oh My Darling.  And for the minorities out there who don’t already see the coalition, just understand that they are all simultaneously combined in one form or another, and that they are also simultaneously excellent as well.  This is why I am so pleased to feature this wonderful new soundtrack, Greetings From Spektor Island: Music From the Film “Ten” that combines so many of my favorite musicians, and now actors as well, into 41 beautiful cuts.

Catherine Capozzi, lead guitarist for the brilliant Axemunkee and crucial member to the collaborative effort that is Darling Pet Munkee, is without a doubt the key to this whole album, and the tantalizing composure of the film Ten she has created.  (Note: I have indeed watched an un-edited version of the film, and it really does kill me not to scream out loud, well as loud as you can be on the internet, I have to refrain for the moment.  But, trust me, it is coming!).  But what truly matters here is making damn sure you the fine readers understand that Capozzi has created something absolutely frightening yet hysterically fun as the composer of Ten, all without being too campy,

Composer, Catherine Capozzi

Composer, Catherine Capozzi

which I had always considered a very real and even scarier possibility.  But alas, my faith in Catherine to do right was positive, and she proved to be as ever immensely talented as I could have ever imagined.  She managed to draw from the sort of freakscape of her work with Darling Pet Munkee, as well as occasionally pulling out the beautiful acid jazz/blues riffs I have come to love in listening to her main project, Axemunkee (I can still hum “Acid Django” for days on end).  So many props have to be given to Catherine for creating something so just so beautifully dark and delightful.

But of course, I did say this was a group project as well.  And scattered throughout Welcome To Spektor Island, are some other great little ditties as well.  Including two equally frightening versions of one of the film’s centerpieces “Hush Little Piggies”.  There is the freak show at the carnival-esque version by the great and powerful and previously mentioned Darling Pet Munkee, as well as Sophia Cacciola’s (Do Not For Sake Me, MJME, everything she can get her beautiful vocals on, etc.) solo version that seriously conjured up images I wish I would have never had to see, imaginary or not.  There is also a fun little techno based cut entitled “Roe Deer”, which features some of the best dialogue from the film itself, and composed by the very talented Joel Edinberg.  And at what seems to be another show of great talent and good faith, A couple of very nice Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library tracks show up as Bonus Tracks, rounding out a very beautiful experience of listening overall.  And if it really needed to be pointed out even further for the virgin eyes and ears out there, Epstein just happens to be the film’s director, the curator of a billion projects all happening at once, and a hell of a musician, and as it turns out, a very insightful filmmaker as well!

Tensoundtrack, filmIn the end, the results of delightful this album was definitely should have, and was, to be expected.  With so many great artists, actors, overall great people, it is truly no surprise that the film Ten, and this amazing soundtrack turned out just so damn wonderful.  It is fun, it is playful, and all the while being absolutely terrifying.

Pick up a copy of the soundtrack for yourself HERE.  And be sure to stay in touch to learn more about the official release of Ten, coming soon(ish).  Get on the e-mail list, that always helps.

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