Sam Cregger [Artist]

Sam CreggerIt is truly amazing how an artist can just show up in to your life completely by accident. What is even more amazing is how you can begin to wonder how you ever appreciated music before hearing them!  Such is the case with one of my latest finds, the up Virginia based folksmith that is Sam Cregger.  Here we have a cat that embodies the very spirit of independent folk music that we have, or should have at least, come to appreciate and enjoy.

On his debut, home recorded and very DIY style, album Wanderlust, Cregger exemplifies himself as a true mastermind with brilliant lyrical fortitude with some beautiful country-esque folk tracks that kick at the darkness at times, but also shine a wonderful light at times as well.  His voice echoes like a ghost from older/simpler times.  Drawing on so many obvious influences, Cregger still manages to create a truly unique indie folk vibe, without sounding like a cheesy rip off of something that already as been done time and time again.  This clever.  This is unique.  This is great!

And there is even greater news in this pantomime of doting!  While his home recording was self evident enough of this cat being a fantastic musician, we have to wonder what this man could do in the studio!  Well, we are definitely in luck.  Cregger is running a Kickstarter campaign to help finance his trip to the studio to record this sophomore release.  And in said campaign, Cregger is offering up your chance to help make such a damn good thing possible, while scoring some pretty sweet swag for yourself, and of course the chance to pre-order the upcoming album.  Even just 10 bucks will get you a digital download of the album upon its release.

So head on over to Sam Cregger’s WEBSITE to check some of the tunes he has already shared with us, and then head on over to his KICKSTARTER page to help make his next album possible.

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