Cubbiebear: Force Back To Sleep [Album]

Cubbiebear - Force Back To SleepIt only takes a few moments in to a Cubbiebear track before you start to realize….  this is not music.  This is not exactly hip hop.  This is not exactly poetry.  What is this?  Obviously it is something beyond any sort of bullshit generalization.  But, what exactly?  What is this beautiful organized madness?  I don’t think there is an answer.  The best I can come up with whilst listening to this man’s latest album, Force Back To Sleep, that the in working of this man’s brain is being laid out right in front of you for the taking.  While it has been established that it is  impossible to generalize what you hear, it still can be safely stated that this is entirely fucking personal.

“I Don’t Care”, a stand out track on Force Back To Sleep, is Cubbiebear’s prime example of a being an excellent MC, with rhythm and story to tell.  It is a track that runs a bit smoother than the others, although it has a life and personalized style all on its own.  And on the flip side, a track like “Adam” brings out the poetic effects on a tale that seems so filled with so much pain and/or love that it almost feels as though some privacy is being invaded.  “Tame” is another cut that brings upon those great feelings of invasion to the psyche of a madman who found a microphone.

There are probably dozens of “Recommended If You Like” artists that I could name here to try to make you understand what this man sounds like.  But, in all reality, it would all be bullshit.  Cubbiebear sounds exactly as Cubbiebear wants himself to sound.  This is an artist who wants to have his voice heard, and he is the only one who can tell these stories, and with his very own fashion.  And Force Back To Sleep is an amazing biographical display of the pain, misery, and love of being this one man.  This is personal.  This is great stuff.

Check out Force Back To Sleep for yourself HERE.

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