Cedar & Boyer [Band]

Cedar & BoyerCedar & Boyer, a.k.a. hetero-lifemates Justin and Jen Landis are a very unique duo, to say the very least.  With their mellow, sort of Beach Boys on acid sound at times, this is another amazing modern folk duo that sound just so damn good.  Their songs are sweet, lo-fi, and ultimately very precious.  As Justin’s impressive vocals seem to drift over guitars gently weeping, it is damn near impossible not to feel uplifted in some form or another while this duo is serenading you oh so wonderfully.

Justin and Jen also happen to be another fine duo from my former residence, the same in which I profiled a short time ago, proclaiming my fan boy status of Spokane’s own Marshall McLean and his new band.  And not so ironically Justin happens to be the bassists for Marshall’s latest efforts.  Thus proving once again that the Inland Northwest is a breeding ground for fresh, new talent, yet seems to be an area that just can’t get its shit together.  Although it does seem strange that after a year away from the fair city of Spokane, I seem to be noticing more and more amazing artists taking residents in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho.  Who knows, maybe it was me?  But nonetheless, Cedar & Boyer is an amazing set of performers, no matter what locale they may choose to claim.

For the perfect down home, indie folk meets Ryan Adams sort of vibe, you really don’t have to look much further than the truly blessed track “Used To Know”, from their debut 4 track EP released last November.  Rumor has it that a brand new full length is in the works, and I have to officially say that this might be one of my most anticipated albums that I will be impatiently waiting to come out.  And even now as I blare their equally enticing down home ballad “I’m Not Sorry I Left But I’m Sorry I Lost Touch”, the anticipation continuously builds at an alarm rate.  All that being said, Cedar & Boyer might just be one of the finest acts to emerge on the indie folk scene in recent years.

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