Mark Geary: Songs About Love, Songs About Leaving [Album]

Who can deny the ultimate and compelling power a solid singer/songwriter can have over you?  When an artist with a gentle voice, compelling lyrics that feel both personal and opening, and a strum along attitude that can make you want to cry and smile in a matter of minutes, you know you have heard something that will make your world spin.  These descriptors alone can not even begin the describe the power that Mark Geary will have over you.  But, his latest album Songs About Love, Songs About Leaving is a prime example of said power, and there is really nothing you can do about it.

When you hear a track that you know probably means the world to a writer, you may find yourself feeling a tad bit of guilt when you apply their words to your own inner demons or joys.  But, how can we help that?  When you feel as though you may have found a kindred spirit in a way, right?  Well, this is exactly what an amazing musician such as Mark Geary can have over you.  Try your damnedest to listen to a track like “Fireflies” or “Heaven” and not feel something pertaining to your own struggles.  More so, try to listen to the album’s finest cut “Stardust”, and not remember that very moment when you first fell in love.  Songs About Love, Songs About Leaving may seem like a simple and aptly titled name for a mellow mannered singer/songwriter, but each track is definitely filled with so much more.  This is an album with emotional complexities that are emphasized by the music’s simplicity.

If you are looking for smooth tunes on a rainy day, Mark Geary is definitely the man you will want serenading your sorrow away.  If you want enlightenment when you are feeling compelled by the earth’s gravitational pull to do something with yourself, then you should definitely turn to Songs About Love, Songs About Leaving, easily one of the finest records to be released in 2012.

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