Sexy Water Spiders [Band]

There is something undeniably uplifting about a band like Sexy Water Spiders.  The funk element infused with rock and roll is something we have really been missing lately.  Also the weird as fuck element has been missing as well.  And these guys definitely bring a heft portion of each into their crazy stylings.

Sexy Water Spiders have been rocking out the city of Portland, Oregon for quite some time now.  They’ve been known to run amuck with likes of The Dandy Warhols, 1776, and The Upsidedown.  Needless to say, the gang is in good hands.  And like their fellow brethren, they are known to be insane showmen, another element that seems to get lost in the shuffle lately.  They are pure guitar wielding entertainment at it’s finest.  When the apocalypse surely comes upon us, these are the sort of curators of the weird that you are going to want to have around when the world goes mad.

Even without knowing these cats personally, it seems perfectly reasonable to assume that these are the types of souls that live to rock.  They want to perform for you, and make you lose all sense of being (and possibly your bowels) and the worry of being another senseless hack amidst the millions of other senseless hacks on this bloody and sometimes disgusting earth.  The screaming may surprise you.  The funk may guide you.  And let it be known, while you are fixated upon the circus of rock before you, all the fucks you used to give will surely be the furthest thing from your mind when you let Sexy Water Spiders take over.

Head on over to the band’s website to find out what they are up to these days.

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