Banana and Louie: Alphabet Soup [Album]

For the last few years, there has been this fantastic band that has proven to be one of the finest, and well-organized pop groups of latter days.  They were formally known as A Fine Day For Sailing, a british pop group that fits very well into what I consider the “British Indie Pop Mafia”.  I’ve been covering so many of them over the years, It’s almost confusing trying to try to remember who is who!  Simon Bish, Andy B, Falling Trees, Andy Fonda, and on and on.  From London to Brighton, Exeter to Tipton St. John, there has simply been some amazing music sprawling from across the pond.  And t seems as though a couple of the elite members in this proverbial mafia have now created one of the finest masterpieces in the collection with a whole new group called Banana & Louie.

Banana and Louie came from the offspring of A Fine Day For Sailing, created by the legendary Matthew Stead, and it is probably one of the finest examples of mellow pop music melodies I have heard in a while (possibly since the last AFDFS record).  Their debut album Alphabet Soup is an absolutely bloody brilliant and just so much damn fun.  There is no way you can feel down listening to this record.  I mean, there a song called “I Have Your Melodica, You Have My Heart”!  Seriously, how can that alone not make you smile?

Banana and Louie is simply that sort of group that you really just need sometimes.  It feels great to feel good, doesn’t it?  Well, how about checking out one of the finest indie pop albums of the year, and pick your chin up a little bit?  Let the happiness take you on a roller coaster of enjoyment.  You won’t regret it!

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