The Jesus Rehab: Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar EP [Album]

Photo by Gregg White. (

The Northwest’s star children of the underground are back (finally)!  The boys I once proclaimed to be “down to earth pranksters” are riding their way through the indie storm with their signature hard-sweet-core pop music brings us back to a time when a group like Weezer didn’t dull our senses with mediocrity.  Their new EP, Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar is a beautifully crafted and stripped down (there’s just two of them now) project that frontman and mad genius Jared Cortese has been yearning to make.  And it’s safe to say that he has nailed it with his own grunged out fuzz pop that is not only rare, but beautiful in it’s own right.

Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar EP is an absolute delight to say the least.  When Cortese screams over a loud western themed rhythm section with the line ‘We come like troubadours….” on the album’s highlight track “Night Terrors”, it is perfectly fine to feel that tingling sensation down your spine.  And when “Holiday” creeps up on you stealthier than a walrus, it’s not hard to hear elements of 90’s “alternative” rock, before it was branded as “alternative”.  Think Presidents of The United States of America (maybe a Seattle thing?) and you might be spot on, if you subtract the campy bewilderment, and substitute it for brilliant stories and danceable hard rockingness.

photo courtesy of Laura Ashbrook Compton.

The Jesus Rehab created one of my favorite records to date back in 2010 with The Highest Highs and The Lowest Lows.  And with this release, we find the band in the midst of some serious changes.  Their sound is a bit different, but that’s called growth folks.  I’ve also consistently compared these rogue gentlemen to the likes of the similarly well conceived Athens based group The Modern Skirts.  They both started in similar directions, and both shot 90 degrees in another direction, and both managed to create brilliant lo-fi, Chuck Taylor tapping, whiskey swilling indie pop that leaves your spirits higher than you were in the dirty bathroom just hours before Jared Cortese and company ripped your heart out one perfectly noted lyric at a time.  Feel the power.  Feel the intensity.  Listening to The Jesus Rehab is almost like having an outer body experience.  You’re going to feel something.  Even if it’s just “good”.

Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar EP will be released on April 21st at the Josephine in Seattle, WA.  Stay in touch with The Jesus Rehab at their official website.

And check out an album review I wrote for their spectacular full length debut album, The Highest Highs and The Lowest Lows at Fensepost.

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One Response to The Jesus Rehab: Drunken Hillbilly Fight Bar EP [Album]

  1. Jessie McKenna says:

    Nice black and white band pic! I should know, I live with the guy who took it, Gregg Evan White. 😀

    Oh, and this band rocks, btw. True fact.

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