Buster Blue [Band]

Folk music.  It’s just great isn’t it?  You really can’t go wrong with the plucking of an acoustic guitar, the telling of tales that can either be literal or interpreted at your desire, and the soothing sound of a spit filled harmonica.  Yes, the reincarnation of Woody Guthrie inspired train songs and old country love songs is everywhere.  And while this is great, it tends to make it difficult to pick apart the good, the bad, and the misfortune.  That is until you truly find a gem of a group.  And Buster Blue is definitely a gem.

Hailing from the biggest little city in the world, Buster Blue is a distinctive 5 person group of troubadours who were born about 120 years too late.  Their sound is about as organic as you can get.  Buckets, banjos, chains, horns, and a love for telling a great story round out the amazing sound they create.  They exemplify exactly what it means to be a folk group in this day and age.  Keep it simple, keep it fun.  And a bit of raw talent doesn’t hurt either, of which they obviously have plenty to go around.

In the short years Buster Blue has been together, they have managed to scour the earth, performing wherever their feet may land.  They’ve shared the stage with the likes of Rocky Votolato, The Pharmacy, and Finn Riggins, while playing over 180 shows throughout last year, and they show no signs of slowing down.  With their latest treasure trove of an album, When the Silver’s Gone, out now you can find them west of the Mississippi on several occasions.  Check out their tour schedule to see if they are coming to a town near you.

03/07- Frog & Peach- San Luis Obispo, California

03/08- The Pour House- Paso Robles, California

03/09- Villains Tavern- Los Angeles, California

03/10- Muddy Waters Cafe- Santa Barbara, California

03/11- Margarita Villa- Ventura, California

03/16- Cosmic Cafe- Placerville, California

03/17- Plan b:Microlounge- Carson City, Nevada

03/22- Treefort Music Fest- Boise, Idaho

03/23- HD’s Hideout- Idaho City, Idaho

03/30- Crystal Bay Club- Tahoe, Nevada

03/31- The Tap- Mammoth, California

04/13- The Daily Grind- Fallon, Nevada

04/14- Plan b:Microlounge- Carson City, Nevada

04/19- Origami Lounge- Chico, California

04/20- Sophia’s Thai Kitchen- Davis, California

04/21- Shanachie Pub- Willits, California

04/26- Bombs Away Cafe- Corvallis, Oregon

04/27- Sam Bonds Garage- Eugene, Oregon

04/29- Vintage Wine Bar- Redding, California

05/01- Don Quixote’s- Felton, California (Supporting March Fourth Marching Band)

05/02- Harlow’s- Sacramento, California (Supporting March Fourth Marching Band)

05/03- The Knitting Factory- Reno, Nevada (Supporting March Fourth Marching Band)

05/05- The Partisan- Merced, California

05/06- Private Event

05/11- Ancient Mariner- Manitou Springs, Colorado

05/12- Whistler’s Cafe- Nederland, Colorado

05/14- Steaming Bean- Telluride, Colorado

05/15- Cowgirl BBQ- Santa Fe, New Mexico

05/18- Flagstaff Brewing Company- Flagstaff, Arizona

05/26- Sacramento Music Festival- Sacramento, California

05/27- Chico Music Festival- Chico, California


Learn more about Buster Blue at their official website.

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