Age Sex Occupation: This Side of The Fence [Album]

“Well isn’t this fun!”

This could very well be a line you would inadvertently blurt out when Age Sex Occupation comes on.  These Portland scat cats have a sound that exceeds all standardized means of being “hip”, and takes it back to a 1940’s, meets 1990’s, sort of super cool “entering the room” kind of tunes.  Images of fedoras and flannel shirts cloaked over a “poet” of the new age are relentless.  Horns blaze through like a helping hand of hysteria throughout.  They’re blues.  They’re jazz.  They’re funky as all hell.  They are great.

The enlightening and entertaining sound of Age Sex Occupation’s This Side of The Fence is nothing if it is not intriguing.  The sound is collective.  Each song makes you want to dance and cry the night away, all the while balancing a fine brandy in one hand as a poorly rolled cigarette burns away in the other one along with whatever youth you are desperately trying to hold on to.  By the time “Hide and Seek” nabs your ears in its opening stages alone, you will be hooked.  The fire in your belly will burn with joy in ways you didn’t think you could even fathom at this point in your life.  That is unless you are already a happy person, then consider this album fuel.  High grade fuel that is.

The reinvention of old sounds is becoming quite the commodity these days.  Taking the old and restoring it in the 1080p generation is a modern-day cultivation that should be absolutely welcomed with the widest of open arms.  Especially when it is a band like Age Sex Occupation presenting their magic to us in such a beautiful manner.


Watch for This Side of the Fence to hit the streets on May 29th.  Keep up with the band on their Facebook page.

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