The Projection: While You Were Out [Album]

Pop punk is that sort of harshly label brand of music that seems to have a place in time that is neither subjective nor selective.  It just sort of pops up one day, and you find yourself remembering something you haven’t thought about it in years.  Maybe, like, having fun.  Jumping around in circles, playfully punching the shit out of your best friend as a few simple chords send your brain on a 3 minute vacation.  When did  you get so serious?  Or better yet, when did you decide that a group like The Projection couldn’t speak to you?  They can!  And they will do it….LOUD!

Hailing from heartland of Illinois, The Projection is a group that is obviously nostalgic, but still sound fresh and original.  Their sophomore release, While You Were Out, finds these punk troubadours battling through some serious love loss, party fouls, and a determination that sometimes life just sucks, so let’s have some fun with it.  Each track on the record is simply better than the next.  Each song sends you on a new journey into the band’s train of thought.  And each one feels as though it has been soaked in cocaine and sent directly to you in a dire time of need.

For all the aging snooty hipsters out there (could sometimes probably through myself in there), think of The Projection as that band that you might be able to justified spending hours among “those damn kids” at The Warped Tour to hear something so profound, and very reminiscent of the glory days of Green Day (pre-Dookie, of course).  To say that While You Were Out is a fun-filled, high-speed album with an immense amount of joy and pain to be shared alike, might just be an understatement.  This is really good (and yes, fun) stuff you really don’t hear enough of these days, in this caliber of course.

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