Bella Koshka: Slow Dancing On The Ocean Floor [Album]

If a woman’s voice has never haunted your dreams, then you have never really lived. It may take an alternative savoy band like Bella Koshka and their disturbingly efficient album Slow Dancing On The Ocean Floor to truly throw your eyes in the back of your head and make you discover the secrets of a real existence. Laura Boland’s vocals are sure to stir you into euphoria and terror with ease.

Unlike most female led alternative groups, Bella Koshka isn’t campy or indecisive in their attitude. Their tracks are consistently ery and entertaining. “Relic” brings out the tattooed head banger in all of us. While “Treasure” pushes the scary ass violin based ballad to the limit. 35 minutes in a haunted house is alot for anyone to consume. But, when put into the form of Slow Dancing On The Ocean Floor, it’s down right compelling.

Everyone should know this album. It’s the indie alternative version of The Little Mermaid. It’s a perfect soundtrack to obscurity. It’s the power of the dark side spiked with handfuls of skittles. They dementia never hinders as tremendous guitar riffs overpower tempting bass lines and the fore mentioned scary ass violin. This is an album that can be universally appreciated in all realms of music livelihood.

Visit for more details and live streaming.

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