Mammoth Life: Kaliedoscopic Art Pop [Album]

photo by Rebecca Dreyfus

Somewhere in the Land of Make Believe in the sky, Mr. Rogers and Shari Lewis are taking a bath in warm red wine and dropping heaven acid as all their magical friends watch in confusion. Lambchops is freaking out. And playing on the dusty old CD player is Mammoth Life‘s prolific debut album Kaliedoscopic Art Pop. This album is described perfectly by it’s title. This is one of the happiest freakin’ albums of all time. This is the Disneyland of art pop. It also has the soul of an expressionless hermit. With these powers combined, something wonderful is sure to happen.

Bobby Sauder and Elizabeth Mead trade vocals better than honest teenagers traded baseball cards in the mid nineties. The harmonic “I Have Lost” pushes their capacity to 11. And “First Semester of College” will leave your head spinning in directions you never thought possible. These are songs for the light hearten and endearing spirit in all of us. Any given Mammoth Life track is a trip through a consciousness once only found in a C.S. Lewis children’s book (not those silly adult Christian books).

Yes this album is an almost traumatic display of artistic expression and possible LSD paranoia. When a group puts their entire being into something as special as this, the hard work shows. Mammoth Life can bring out the child and/or activist in all of us. And Kaliedoscopic Art Pop is one of the best pop spectacles to emerge in last decade.

Check out Kaliedoscopic Art Pop and more great work from Mammoth Life on their WEBSITE.

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