The Color Turning: Good Hands, Bad Blood [Album]

It’s probably not right to say that The Color Turning’s Good Hands Bad Blood might make you want to take a nice hot bath. That might imply there’s something dirty about it. Or that you’re dirty. Maybe you are, but this intriguing collection L.A. psychedelic tunes are nothing far from clean, crisp, and relaxing. As the experimental and vibrant sounds move through your speakers, you have to be one strung out human being to not feel inexplicable calm and impressionable.

“Where The Sky Ends” is one of the most hard rocking tracks on the disc. Yet it still remains as cool and collective as Sinatra in his heyday. “Ghost Song” has some pretty heavy chords and explosions of heartache as well. “Me Versus Me” pulls from some pretty obvious influences, but still holds it’s own originality. Overall, each track brings it’s own personality to Good Hands Bad Blood. A personality that might seem a bit self conscious at times, but never lacks the creative spirit.

The Color Turning is not unlike a lot bands you occasionally stumble upon. You know them when you hear them. Their your cousin’s boyfriend’s favorite band. They have the sound that might scare off some pop rock followers. Yet, they manage to twist it up a bit and bring the hesitant listener into a world they can understand. You don’t have to be “uber-cool” to love these guys. You just have to appreciate some good tunes when you hear them. You will hear them here.

Learn more about The Color Turning, and what they are up to these days at their WEBSITE.

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