Ben Glover: Through The Noise, Through The Night [Album]

It’s actually been a couple of years since Ben Glover dropped this beautiful album, Through The Noise, Through The Night, an album that any fan of besieged and nicely wrapped singer/songwriter treatments should not forget when they begin to name their favorites. Hanging just around the edge of a new aged classic rock sound, Glover shows us that the power of a pretty little song about something pretty and little is something we will never grow tired of.

With a voice like Petty, Glover sings of love and loss as expected. But, he also spins a bit of sappy storytelling into a modern display of artistic ingenuity. Just check out tracks like “Full Moon Child” and “First Chance For A Second Try” and see for yourself if Ben isn’t everything you are looking for in the new age version of singer/songwriter holding a guitar and pouring is soul into a cup half filled with Jameson, and the other half with institutive hope. And the borderline country/folk opus “Too Late To Leave Her Alone” is one of the most genuinely intimate songs you may ever hear, so much so that you might feel as though you are actually intruding, hearing something that was only meant for two.

Ben Glover is just plain great. No, he’s not spewing out obscurities and obscenities to demand attention, and he’s not quoting little known Peruvian philosophers or turning the latest Mac Book applications into some sort of art form. He’s simply showing us how wonderful a pretty little song, laced with violins and fluttering magic, can make us feel something we should be feeling all the time. And if Ben Glover can’t make you feel like you are floating on a cloud of overtly explosive love, then the sorrow is all yours.

Discover more about the amazing talent that is Ben Glover from his WEBSITE.

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