Circlebirds: Complexities [Album]

It only seems rational that a town in Texas called College Station would be the home to new age folk (which is basically College Rock from the 80′s) group such as Circlebirds. This vocally driven four piece band of troubadours have a created a shining example of well developed experimental folk with their debut album Complexities. There is tenderness to the lyrics, and delightful feeling of almost codeine induced tranquility to be heard on just a dozen tracks. This is beauty at its beastly best.

Complexities has some excellent stripped down, singer-songwriter moments brought to courtesy of the band’s founder Matt Jackson. But, it might be best to note the lo-fi indie pop inspired tracks that highlight the album such as “Howling at the Moon” and “Catfish Whiskers”. But, for fans of the down home feelings that a simple acoustic guitar and a just a slight amount of ambience, it would be behoove you to look into “Finally Feeling” or “The Fever Has Passed”. No matter what suits your fancy, Circlebirds is eager to please, and most definitely will be a treat for fans of lyrically driven and inspiring folk music.

According to the band’s Facebook page, Circlebirds were born “from fires of hardcore music and failed relationships”. As narcissistic as it may seem, this is awesome! It is attitudes like this that brought us the best work of Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, and latter day Johnny Cash. Sure, these guys don’t sound at all aged and weathered as these fore mentioned legends of rock and roll, but they have the spirit of the legends that preceded them. Want proof? Look no further than their own words: “I’ve seen fire and I’ve touched water, but no I’m feeling something new”. There may just be a new dawn for the living artist, and Jackson and crew are right there to sulk in the pleasant sorrow of being talented and free from the mundane.

Learn more about what Circlebirds has been up to by Liking them on Facebook.

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