Elaine Greer: Making Plans and Going Places [Album]

Elaine Greer has something unexplainably awesome about her. At first listen, it’s hard to comprehend what really makes her special or sets her apart from so many other folk songstresses of our current times. There’s not a lot. But, there’s something there that keeps you tuned into what she has to say. Her debut EP Making Plans and Going Places has so many youth like attachments that are so bloody attractive you might just be surprised by how much you will enjoy a nice dose of pure unadulterated innocence.

The opening track, “Making Plans”, kicks of a with what sounds like a merry go round friendly tune immediately followed by Elaine’s sweet and sensitive vocals. Though the tunes change throughout the rest of the album, this constantly twirling about in an organization sense of chaos sets the tone and spirit of the entire album. But, the standout track has to be the stripped down and flower powered cut “When The Colors Leave”. You will clap, lean, rock, love to this uplifting low powered ballad.

Still, Greer seems like nothing new really. But, isn’t that okay? It’s not essential for every artist to break through the scene with completely original ideas and musical doctrine. Some just want to join in, make music, and live the life of a creative expressionalist.  Mastering a well respected field is definitely impressive enough for me.  Nothing is taken from the beauty of Making Plans and Going Places just because it might be similar to something else you have heard. May Elaine have a long and withstanding career that proves her to by one of the many women of folk strumming their way through life the way they see fit.

Discover more Greer goodness at her WEBSITE.

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