The Get Busy Committee: Little Razor Blades [Single]

Rhymers Ryu and Apathy do no play around. As vocalists for The Get Busy Committee, they bring such a direly needed sense of realism that i’s almost depressing. But, such is life at times. Thankfully pain and suffering can be playfully portrayed throughout bouncing beats with a light hearted feel. It’s almost hard to believe a line like “Choppin’ up a line up on the top of a toilet” could make you nod your head in enjoyment. And GBC producer Scoop Deville knows more about being an artist in the world of hip hop than Timbaland or Scott Storch could ever even imagine.

“Food stamps, government cheese, and some cocaine/ I never knew a single soul who owned a rope chain”. This line pretty much sums up the entire theme of “Little Razor Blades”. The 80′s were some fucked up times for black folks suffering under the Reagan dictatorship. Especially in the GBC’s homeland of southern California. If rappers like The Game or E-40 just don’t feel speak enough truth for you (which the regularly do not), then look no further than these group right here. “All that glitters ain’t gold, I promise” is a perfect description for the collection of images found in this video. This is the best and most humbly entertaining display of popular hip hop since it was new to say to say fuck the police.

“Little Razor Blades” can be found on the GBC’s debut album Uzi Does It available on CD, MP3 download, and an Uzi shaped USB hard drive (yes, this is for real) on their website.

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