Jason Michael Allred [Showcase]

Jason Michael Allred is not a paid artist.  In fact, you can simply refain from asking him to “like, draw me a tattoo dude!”.  He won’t do it.  No, Jason is simply an amazing illustrator who would rather not take himself too seriously.  His illustrations and own personal brand of “street art” are for his entertainment only.  And maybe Facebook.  In fact, all of the illustrations and pieces in this blog were stolen directly from his Facebook album, without any permission given whatsoever.  Isn’t the internet grand!

Allred is definitely an amazing artist.  But, it is his style and demeanor in which he works that is most impressive.  What this highly eclectic designer of the dark can “doodle” during a slow day at work is in itself easily on par with some of the biggest names in the illustrated and sketching world.  And should our man decide to movie towards a career in the art world, there is no doubt he would take the world by storm.  But, really, I can’t see him giving two to three shits what others really think of his work.  And that is undoubtedly what makes a true artist.

To find more work from Jason Michael Allred……….well, good luck!

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2 Responses to Jason Michael Allred [Showcase]

  1. JMA says:

    I can’t take credit for the first one. I saw this somewhere and sketched it up in my doodle paid. But Thank you!

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