Sophie Madeline [Artist]

I was sitting in the studio of KYRS 92.3 recording a session with the great Martin Hallanzzini when he schooled me onto another fascinating British gal with a ukulele obsession.  Little did he know that I had also become a total sucker for one of the hit songs of the summer, Foster The People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” (Once you get over yourself, it’s an amazing track).  And when he combined the two, I was instantly hooked.  I immediately ran home and Googled the hell out of this new-found sensation known as Sophie Madeline.

My research would prove that this is a woman with more talent that simply creating fancy, low-key covers of pop songs.  Her latest album The Rhythm You Started is a brilliant demonstration of how beautiful a stripped down sound can really be.  A woman and her uke, a dream, and taunting voice that sounds as those butterflies should constantly be floating around her hair.  Madeline creates some of the finest pop music to come out in a very long time.  Whether she’s creating a dance worthy cut like “Oil & Gold”, or spilling her heart out on a sandy beach on a sappy love track like “Hypothetically Yours”, her songs are catchy, warm-hearted, and overall a whole lot of fun.

Sophie has made a name for herself as of lately, by doing what thousands of people have already done.  Just better.  And very consistent.  In preparation of the release of Rhythm You Started, she released 30 cover songs in 30 days via YouTube.  And this brings us back to her stunning rendition of “Pumped Up Kicks”.  Yet, her song selection consists of a wide selection of obscure yet beautiful tunes.  Her voice was absolutely designed to do “Mister Sandman” and Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”.  But, when she movies into the Donnie Darko featured classic “Mad World” and Al Bowly’s “Guilty”, her versatility shines on.  She even manages to make Adam Sandler’s uber-cute “Grow Old With You” become, somehow, that much cuter!  The list goes on and on.  And once you begin, you will not want to end.  And unlike most “Hey watch me sing this” videos you see, Madeline’s videos are truly unique.  Watching her transition, and edit so smoothly, through each song is almost as impressive as her musical abilities.

Sophie Madeline has every bit of potential to be one of the next great pop singers of our time.  She brings a bright sense of realism to the far to surreal world of plastic pop stars.  With eyes that seem to be looking further into the future than the rest of us can actually see, this is the woman to watch in the years to come.

Check out Sophie Madeline’s work including her latest album, Rhythm You Started, at her WEBSITE.  And don’t forget to check out the 30 cover songs in 30 Days set featured on YouTube.  Just make sure you have a couple hours to spare before you start, you will be engulfed in pop goodness you just can not pull away from.

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4 Responses to Sophie Madeline [Artist]

  1. Dave Morris says:

    In 2009 my wife and I went on our honeymoon: Three weeks travelling around Morocco, and the only music we had with us was Sophie Madeleine’s first album: Love, Life, Ukulele. It was already a great record, of course, but now the memories that listening to it brings back just make it even more wonderful. One of these days I’ll write and thank her for it, but for now, it’s just nice to see others catching on to her music, and even nicer now her new album’s getting more attention – Whoop whoop!

  2. shubh says:

    totally agree. Hope they sell the album in my country too. Would like to have a physical copy

  3. Welcome to a growing horde of admirers.

  4. Mr Ex says:

    Wonderfully summed up – It seems that you also fell in to the Sophie Madeleine trance.

    I could not get this wonderful singer out of my ears for two weeks after seeing a link on facebook.

    Sophie Madelaine is a star!

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