Sadistik [Artist]

Underground hip hop has become a well received genre these days.  The idea that hip hop music can be not only a form of poetry, but literature in motion, has become a relevant and accepted tradition by most in these times.  In fact, it is entirely pleasing to know that an act like Atmosphere is now a household name even outside the artistic communities.  And yet with the explosion of popularity happening, the true essence of the music has yet to have been lost.  Wordsmiths are still all around us.  And one can not express the power of this lovely branded music without mentioning the master of lyrical wit, Sadistik.

Sadistik is the bourbon in the espresso.  The freshly rolled blunt in the moonlit dive bar.  This Seattle based MC is a merchant of rhyme slaying who rarely goes contested in his respected field.  With blends of indie rock and old school soul, this is a cat that brings an all new sense of enlightenment to an already engmatic field of soldiers for the pen.  He’s been putting it down for a long while.  In 2008, he released critical acclaim from the underworld with his debut album, The Balancing Act.  The album may have been promoted heavily by guest appearances from the likes of Mac Lethal and Vast Aire, but it was Sadistik’s own prolific abilities that really rode him along to the earned respect he has (or at least should have) today.  He managed to create beautifully spastic lyrics meshed a perfectly timed flow in motion.  It was damn good.

But, our man has only gotten better.  He proved it in 2010 with the release of The Art of Dying with the Chicago based style master Kid Called Computer.  Rarely has a follow up album been this amazing.  And since, and before, this inception, Sadistik has seen himself working amongst the likes of so many great artists (Sage Francis, Eyedea (RIP), Blue Sky Black Death, etc.) in which he has continually proven that he is either on par with, or better than depending on who you may ask.  As well has opening for/performing with the likes of major acts such as Bone Thugs N Harmony, D12, Lotte Kestner, Cage, and more.  And to top it all of, he just completed a nation wide tour with two other amazing artists from the underground scene, Bodi (formerly Alexipharmic) and Kirstoff Kane (P.S.  watch for these two on Trainwreck’d very soon!) on the aptly titled and Kickstarter assisted Never Ending Gun Show Tour.

And nothing seems to be stopping this kid.  He is currently prepping for a Canadian performance debut, and some spots with Sage Francis in the Northwest, an EP with Kristoff Kane,  a full length with a electronic supernova Emancipator (who can also be found on The Balancing Act), and a solo album due out very soon.  There should be no doubt that Sadistik is a mad man on the loose, and should be adored at any given moment.   Do not question it:  Sadistik is destined, and deserves to be, the next household name in underground hip hop.

Check out Sadistik  at his WEBSITE, and watch for him as he hits the road, most likely in a city near you.

And if you find yourself in the Northwest this month, find Sadistik performing with Sage Francis at The Roseland Theater in Portland (9/210 and at Neumo’s in Seattle (9/22) before he heads to Edmonton, Alberta to play the Avenue Theater (10/1).


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One Response to Sadistik [Artist]

  1. echosplash says:

    So true. I just really wished that he was well known, he deserves the fame, after music changed to the beiber revolution all music that i heard was shit, until i found Sadistik, good luck to you, you changed how i felt to music now and days, which means a lot coming from me. good luck out there~

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