Arman Augusto [Artist]

In the music blogging business (if you could really call it that) some pretty sweet and amazing coincidences can occur. When you randomly come across an artist that becomes an instant favorite, you become instantly thankful for the random research you find yourself falling into.  Arman Augusto is most definitely the epitaph for my findings over the last few years.

A dear friend of mine living in Portland, OR slyly recommended the works of this San Diego based experimental folk artist back in 2008.  During the following year, Arman released his sophomore release under the moniker The Walking entitled Wanderings and Distractions on what would soon become one of my favorite record labels, Sergeant Sparrow Records.  It became one of my favorite albums of 2009, and continues to be an album that can be played at any given moment of any given day (check out my 2009 review at Fensepost).  His debut album (Manor/Model), and 2011 follow-up as The Walking (Sensory) would prove to be just as worthwhile.  And in 2011, Arman and Sergeant Sparrow Records would showcase his full-blown experimental styling with a side project entitled The Old Lace.  This is where we find Mr. Augusto experimenting in an entire electronic form, which is in turn, entirely wonderful.

And on August 16th, I found myself in awe of Arman once again.  Our man has developed yet ANOTHER side project.  But, this is unlike anything he has ever done before.  I truly didn’t know what I was going to be getting into, and was actually sort of spooked when I first pressed play on track one of the Curse of The Black Widow debut EP of the same title.  Here is Arman in a raw and somewhat malevolent form.  Over thrash heavy beats and rhythms that crush skulls and spirits in a single strum comes the sound of a demon sent directly to the heavens to entice the calm angels of earth.  This might seem like an extremely fucked up way to describe somebody’s artistic endeavors, but I will be damned if I couldn’t smell the blood of the non-believers flowing in a dark stream as I began hear what a folk artist is creating.

It’s actually pretty amazing to hear an artist who actually loves to experiment with new sounds, and not just saying they do.  All three projects of Arman Augusto are entirely different and unique in their own way.  Thinking of it now, Arman could very well be the American counterpart to fellow Trainwreck’d featured artist, Thom Carter of the UK.

All satanic symbolism aside, Augusto’s latest project Curse of The Black Widow is as compelling as his previous efforts.  It is yet another venture into the world of one of today’s finest independent acts creating masterpieces that develop from within their own inner psyche, and from little other inspiration than what they consider personal and exploitive to their inner thoughts.  Arman Augusto is an independent artist who stands really stands out among his thousands of peers creating today.  Whether it be on his latest effort, or as The Walking or The Old Lace, this is definitely an artist you will want to follow.

Check out Curse of The Black Widow on the Bandcamp site.  You can pick up this terrific 6 track digital EP for just $1.  A sweet deal!

And check out Arman’s work as The Walking and The Old Lace from the Sergeant Sparrow Records website.

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