Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits [Band]

Photo by Lia Walker

I have been a fan of Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits since high school.  Which, sadly for both me and them, is starting to become a VERY long time ago.  Nevertheless, BJE took a substantial break to make time for other endeavors.  But in 2010, the band made a triumphant return with the release of their first album in several years aptly titled, F.  I was fortunate enough to be the first person to do a full blown album review at Fensepost (right HERE) from them since, well, I was in high school (initiate sighs and grumbles).  And since then, I have become fortunate enough to consider Dan Abbott and Corbett Redford III good friends of mine.  My psychopathic fanboy status actually earned me a very generous donation of Dan’s writing in a little book you might know (for my 3-4 avid readers out there) as Children of Mercy.  Thus, it is only proper that I show my upmost support in everything they do!  Which is very easy because everything they do can be scientifically proven as nothing shy of awesome!

Since BJE returned to our lives with the release of F, these chaiotically charming masterminds have been relentless in their attempts to make you laugh, cry, or menstrate on command over the last year.  They went on a nationwide tour (including a stop in my hometown of Kelso, WA in which I was sadly NOT in attendance, sad faces), have been seen all over the blogosphere, and released an amazing video for the single “Poly” that was (un)fortunately to dirty for Youtube and were forced to remove it.  It is however, available on Vimeo, where you can also find a brilliant video for my personal favorite track, “Lake of Flies”.  And if you find yourself at all interested, the boys are looking to make a video for my other personal favorite cut “Life Is Excellent” and could use a bit of help.  So, needless to say really, our boys have been working very hard.  They have relentlessly pimped out their own brand of sophisticated and satirical brand of comedy through talented musicianship with a die hard attitude greater than Bruce Willis.

And this is where their latest installment comes in.  The video for “Time Is Crawling”.  This video is so amazing for two reasons:  (1) I can’t even show it to you here, because it is so damn gory that you must have entered a valid birthdate to watch it, and (2) It is actually a very genius short film that is more thought out than any music video you have seen since R. Kelly made 50 of them for one song!  This is some amazingly disgusting, blood squirting stuff.  Our boys teamed up with and and Shoot At Will Films to create an all out fascinating arrangement.  Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits are known for being all over the damn place.  Whether they rap along Hyphy style, exploit women for the greatest comedic results, or, now, creating horrific images of castration and sufficiation, all the while making you laugh your ass off….these guys never lose.  Their comedic presence is always accessible.  But, there is definitely an underlying tone to their music that can not be disregarded.  These cats have made a life work’s of beautifully crafted songs that torture reality with a comedic glance through the looking glass into it’s own raw emotions.  Basically:  it’s not always funny because it’s true.

Check out “Time Is Crawling” for yourself at  For fans of horror and/or castration comedy, I guarantee you will love this one.

Find more great work from Bobby Joe Ebola & The Children MacNuggits on Facebook.  You can also support the making of “Life Is Excellent” by visiting their page on IndieGoGo.

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