The Handcuffs [Band]

Photo by Sam Pillsbury

The Handcuffs, a.k.a. Chicago’s Chloe F. Orwell and Brad Elvis, have been called many things.  Sultry and irrepressible are two adjectives that stick out in my mind.  But, I would like to put a new touch on this strangely entertaining group – classy!  This is a stunning personality collective that combines the impeccable heavy riffs of 70’s legendary power rock, and the estranged songwriting stanzas of the 90’s all wrapped up in a glittery glam rock blanket.  The Handcuffs essentially combine the greatest aspects of the rock and pop in the last 50 years, and fine tune it into their own brand of delicious power pop.

And for their third release, Waiting for the Robot, Orwell and Elvis picked up some help making them a lovely five piece, upping their talent three fold.  The kick of single for Robots is, without a doubt, a direct representation of the magic these phenomenal artists are able to create.  The title alone, “Dirty Glitter” could very well be this glamtastic groups own name.  This hook heavy track is reminiscent to the outlandish underworld of the 90’s that burst out with zero explanation on MTV, back when they still played music.  Remember?  And the slowed down, yet entirely enticing, “Miss You On Tuesday” is even greater proof that The Handcuffs are a band that is finally finding their place in the world, and only beginning to receive the respect they have always deserved.

Waiting for the Robot is set to be released on September 6th.  A record release party would be make perfect sense, right?  But, how about a record release party at The House of Blues.  And better yet, how about being accompanied by Blondie?!  All in The Handcuff’s hometown of Chicago?  There really couldn’t be a more monumental way to kick things into gear.  Although a show with Blondie might just be another notch in their belts considering the immense touring they have involved themselves with including spots with Eleni Mandell, Joan Jett, Evan Dando, Glen Tilbrook, and more as well as having their songs featured on several television shows and leaving their mark on the Sundance featured documentary The Education of Shelby Knox.  The list of successes could go on and on.  It is suffice to say that The Handcuffs is a phenomenon in the making.  And Waiting for the Robot is destined to be one of the finest albums of 2011.

Check out “Dirty Glitter”, “Miss You On Tuesday”, and even more tracks, old and new, on the band’s official website.  And look watch for Waiting for the Robot to be released on September 6th.

And if you find yourself in the Chicago area on September 7th, make sure you get your glam ass down to The House of Blues to check out The Handcuffs and Blondie.  Tickets are $37.50 Advanced/$40 at the door (if they still exist by then!)  Pick them up HERE before it’s too late!

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