Xenophobia,Vikings,Rubert Murdoch


This was the headline swirling around the Rubert Murdoch right-wing media empire shortly after the attacks in Norway. People were watching this on Fox News absorbing this message up like a sponge, and allowing more hate to fill their veins.The bigotry flowing out with a vengence, crying for more war, more blood, and proclaiming Western Christianity as the only religion that should exist.Hatred that brews discrimination of a greater race that extends not only to religious practice, but skin color. Innocent people are being tormented, threatened, discriminated against due to the media`s portrayal of a minority of extremists. The media makes them larger than life, makes them seem like they are numberless like the stars, unstoppable.  This causes a psychological effect on people whether they are aware of it or not. It effects them. It causes them to boil, explode, and lose logic in thought. It may seem like a stretch, but truly is it a stretch?

I can only imagine how the “foxnites” felt when they discovered it was a white right-wing extremist. I wonder if he watched Glenn Beck? Just kidding. The news media is a deadly weapon upon people`s minds, and history proves that. The news media needs to take a direct approach to the news, and letting temperance be their guide to the truth. When companies use news sources to promote their agenda, their feelings, their perception of what the truth is, we lose. Democracy is lost. We are lost to the bowels of anarchy. Responsibility, patience, temperance, equality, acceptance, democracy, and truth are what will break us from this propaganda of hate.

It only takes a spark…

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