The Occupy Wall-Street Movement started months ago, in response to the ever transparent corporate influence in government.

Millions of people are out of work.

I stepped out of the train into Government Plaza (or “People`s Plaza”) into an arena flanked on all sides by large modern skyscrapers. These same skyscrapers are home to some of the largest corporations in America. Walking across the plaza you see lines of police, standing, watching, and waiting. Some may have been wondering how long till their shift is done. Well, it appeared so on some of their faces.

Looking towards the plaza there was a sense of optimism, joy, determination, and hope. It was a new energy about this protest something different compared past`s protests. We see people old, young, disabled, veterans, etc… All gathered with their own agenda in their own quest for their own personal idea of change in society. One of which I can say with my own bias that we desperately need in our grand American society. I sat down on the edge of an empty foundation taking all these thoughts in trying to piece together this phenomenon. There was a woman who was sitting next to me in her mid-30s I presume, and engaged her in conversation. I found out her name was Nancy, a mother of two, and a registered nurse by profession. So, I decided to ask her the question of the day(“why are you here?”). She replied, “I`m here because, I am tired of seeing the country stroll down the path that it is. Our nation is too precious to be left for sale by the highest bidder.” She went on to say,”my two kids need hope in this country, a country founded on the principles of democracy, and I have yet to see real democracy in a long time”. This it would seem is reasonable enough a majority of the people squatting here would agree with her direction of views.

I parted ways with Nancy, and began to walk further about this mass collection of eclectic people. I ran into a construction worker, who had a very comical sign that  read”Turn off Fox, so easy a caveman can do it.” This I had to take a picture of. The gentleman began to tell me that it was far too cold to  put on the caveman outfit that he normally associates with the sign. The more I progress the more clever signs I see. All sorts of Organizations had tables set up,  passing out their literature, waving flags, and showing solidarity toward the climate of the protest. The two most visible of these organizations were the local Socialist Action chapter, and the I.W.W.(Industrial Workers of the World). These groups are naturally very suspicious of capitalism and would love nothing more to rid society of it. Which the attitude of  the Occupy Movement seems to embody.

Although given the large percentage of these two groups they wasn’t a driving force of leadership. A small organization of a few college kids had organized this OcccupyMN movement, which is very interesting to note. The embodiment of true Democracy takes place in this movement.Everyone has a stake in the decision-making process, no elite few, but a group decision. This is the true center piece of this movement: true Democracy, no elitist hierarchy, but a government for the people by the people. We have seen a new awakening among the common people, a peasant`s revolt of sorts, but a revolt that is a long time coming. Americans seem to be waking up to the reality in which they truly live, and quite frankly are pissed off. Every American needs to exercise their right of protest whatever their ideology.

Democracy isn`t a system, but an embodiment of ideas. It is made up of people, people with their own ideas, and envisions for the future. Together, as people we can bring back what Democracy truly is: Hope.

Xenophobia,Vikings,Rubert Murdoch


This was the headline swirling around the Rubert Murdoch right-wing media empire shortly after the attacks in Norway. People were watching this on Fox News absorbing this message up like a sponge, and allowing more hate to fill their veins.The bigotry flowing out with a vengence, crying for more war, more blood, and proclaiming Western Christianity as the only religion that should exist.Hatred that brews discrimination of a greater race that extends not only to religious practice, but skin color. Innocent people are being tormented, threatened, discriminated against due to the media`s portrayal of a minority of extremists. The media makes them larger than life, makes them seem like they are numberless like the stars, unstoppable.  This causes a psychological effect on people whether they are aware of it or not. It effects them. It causes them to boil, explode, and lose logic in thought. It may seem like a stretch, but truly is it a stretch?

I can only imagine how the “foxnites” felt when they discovered it was a white right-wing extremist. I wonder if he watched Glenn Beck? Just kidding. The news media is a deadly weapon upon people`s minds, and history proves that. The news media needs to take a direct approach to the news, and letting temperance be their guide to the truth. When companies use news sources to promote their agenda, their feelings, their perception of what the truth is, we lose. Democracy is lost. We are lost to the bowels of anarchy. Responsibility, patience, temperance, equality, acceptance, democracy, and truth are what will break us from this propaganda of hate.

It only takes a spark…


In these unpromising times our nation has felt a tremendous economic burden upon it`s shoulders. These are the times when we as a nation need to pull together to create a strong nucleus around hope. Hope is what will pull our nation out of this hole. Hope is what will create jobs. Hope is that undeniable human quality that drives us to achieve great success, and build a common dream for the future.

The future has many different perspectives to many different people; however I say that in hope, our future is great. We have the ability to forge ahead, create new things, and find new innovative ways to prosper as a country. Our power to steer the nation is a democratic right and freedom we all share. We cannot take this for granted nor should we infringe upon other`s rights.

We are our own judges. We should be judges in how we shall embark on this new dream, and steer in the face of hope. We cannot be rash in passing our own judgment against those we believe to be horrid, cruel, or downright evil. There are others who may see the same in you. This is where we are failing as a nation, we must respect, not infringe one`s voice. There are ways that we should go about to empower one another.

Most of us are guilty in acting on the biggest vice of selfishness; we are falling apart at the seams because of this. Selfishness is what got us into this economic mess that we currently preside. Empowerment, hope, democracy, and selflessness should be our guide through the murkiness of greed/selfishness.