Poor Boy’s Soul: Burn Down [Album]

When I heard that the newly introduced blues phenomenon to be was recently arrested (again) for hopping freight trains in North Dakota, I knew right away he must be honorable inducted into the Trainwreck’d Society.  What a beautiful character and crafty bluesman.

Poor Boy’s Soul, a.k.a. Trevor Jones, makes whiskey laced old time blues with a strange punk like element that could only be induced by a mirage of life experiences that don’t seem to fit into this era of digitalized indecency and loss of respect for the roots of America.  No matter how tattered and malevolent said roots may be.  Poor Boy’s Soul embodies that no holds barred spirit we just can’t find in rock n roll these days.

On his debut album, Burn Down, we receive a large dose of the broken glass reality shoved down our throats in such a beautiful way.  Not since the likes of Anton Newcombe has there really been someone who can simply naturalize a sound that you can only think of as extremely pure, and deriving solely from the heart.  Tracks like “Annalisa” find our hero in a sullen like state very different form the rough around the center, pretty around the edges style from previous tracks like “Movin’ To The City” or “Throwing Stones” (which is a wonderful replica classic train songs).  And this is where we really feel the organic reality of pain and suffering to the highest degree.  No matter the mood of a song, you can guarantee that you are hearing true and heartfelt reality of  a man born way after his time, yet not afraid to express himself as he was always meant to do.

It’s unsure where Poor Boy’s Soul really fits into today’s culture and society.  Is the world really ready for a young man with an old heart to break through to the other side of stardom right now?  Thankfully, none of this unfathomable bullshit is really applicable to this cool cat.  He’s still out there hopping freight, picking till his fingers bleed, and blending Woody Guthrie with the likes of Blind Lemon Jefferson in everything he does.  Even beyond the music.  Beyond the lighted stages of a depressed society.  Beyond, and behind it all, we have an amazing talent in our views.  Try and look away, if you think it’s possible.  But you will know what you are missing out on.

Key Tracks:  “Annalisa”, “Throwing Stones”, “Ain’t Comin’ Back No More”

Download “Burn Down That House” for FREE, right over HERE.

Burn Down will be released in early November.  Be on the look out!  Check out additional tracks on his Myspace Page.

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3 Responses to Poor Boy’s Soul: Burn Down [Album]

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  2. Matt Hutchins says:

    Can’t wait to listen to the new album!!

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