In these unpromising times our nation has felt a tremendous economic burden upon it`s shoulders. These are the times when we as a nation need to pull together to create a strong nucleus around hope. Hope is what will pull our nation out of this hole. Hope is what will create jobs. Hope is that undeniable human quality that drives us to achieve great success, and build a common dream for the future.

The future has many different perspectives to many different people; however I say that in hope, our future is great. We have the ability to forge ahead, create new things, and find new innovative ways to prosper as a country. Our power to steer the nation is a democratic right and freedom we all share. We cannot take this for granted nor should we infringe upon other`s rights.

We are our own judges. We should be judges in how we shall embark on this new dream, and steer in the face of hope. We cannot be rash in passing our own judgment against those we believe to be horrid, cruel, or downright evil. There are others who may see the same in you. This is where we are failing as a nation, we must respect, not infringe one`s voice. There are ways that we should go about to empower one another.

Most of us are guilty in acting on the biggest vice of selfishness; we are falling apart at the seams because of this. Selfishness is what got us into this economic mess that we currently preside. Empowerment, hope, democracy, and selflessness should be our guide through the murkiness of greed/selfishness.

One Response to Hope

  1. ceaves23 says:

    Fantastic honest and truthful

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