The Coffin Collectors: Leopardskin Tales [Album]

It’s Independence Day here in the U.S.  So what better time than now to showcase a fabulous new British pop group that grasped my attention recently.  Right?  I thought so.

The Coffin Collectors are a freshly formed duo featuring prominent forces of expression from the the always enticing label Pastime Records (Andy B, Jacqui & Anthony).  And while their name seems to be fitting for a Swedish death metal collaboration, it becomes quite clear that this is not the case.  During the first seconds of their debut album, Leopardskin Tales, you realize that you are entering a Rocky Horror Show type world, and you might not get out unnerved and unharmed.  And why would you?

The albums opening track, “Night Train” is fabulous, but a bit misleading.  The feel of this lead off track is reminiscent to the Frank Schneider led group The Superions, but with a bit of a dark omnipresent feel.  It’s a very well conceived and enjoyable track, but the madness really begins to ensue from “Red Hair” on, with an ultimate in the hilarious and body grooving ditty “Coffin Collector”.  What makes Leopardskin Tales especially delightful is definitely the individuality of each track.  While the feel is all the same (save for “Night Train” of course), each song is a personalized descriptor of some bizarre scenario, relationship, or thought patterns.  It’s a real treat.

The Coffin Collectors is a unique project for this day and age.  They aren’t very similar to their fellow Pastime Records/Pop Noise colleagues running around the streets of Exeter, London, where have you, but they are certainly just as substantial.  And Leopardskin Tales is about as perfect of a debut these guys could have ever thought to release.  All of their cards are on the table.  Grave Yards will be tormented at any given moment.  And it will have never sounded so damn sweet and charming!

Key Tracks:  “Coffin Collector”, “Night Train”, and “Lookin Fine”

Listen to Leopardskin Tales in it’s entirety, and pick up a copy of the album at the group’s Bandcamp Page.

Courtesy of Oscuro Records, 2011.

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