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Editor’s Note: So, our dear friend and resident film historian who should need no introduction, the great Christopher Eaves, is absolutely KILLING the quarantine. With “Project Superman”, Chris has ventured into a world that no man has ventured to before, I’m sure of it. He is a brave soul, and I am so excited to share this with you all. It’s a great read! But, hey, if reading isn’t quite your thing, our friends over at SUPER GEEKY PLAYDATE had the man himself break down the entirety of the project on their wonderful show. So check that out as well! Long live the Cage!






I began this journey with a desire to better understand Nicolas Cage through his work as an actor – the roles he chooses, the choices he made with those characters and the people he collaborated with on these 30 films. Between 2011 and 2020 Cage released 30 movies through Limited Release, VOD and Direct to Disk platforms. I experienced these films in chronological order starting with Trespass (2011) and ending with Color out of Space (2020).

How did Nicholas Cage change over this 10-year period?


Cage is drawn to flawed characters. There are very few heroes to be found, but characters who rise to be heroic for a moment. Cage is okay with being a villain. Cage has developed his own acting style referred to as – Nouveau Shamanic. This is a style which calls back to ancient human Shaman Culture where the tribes’ Shaman would wear a mask and through ritual attempt to reach deeper human truths. For Cage, this appears to be his approach with acting, by wearing the mask of his character to seek out those deeper truths. Cage being a method actor approaches his work in a way which forces him to find relatable experiences to bring out those deeper truths in the people he portrays.

While not every one of these thirty movies were great or even good, the Professional Actor and auteur Nicolas Cage was AMAZING in every single film.



A CHILD MOTIVATION – Cage is saving a child. Typically, his own child but occasionally a child he has imprinted onto as being one of his own (Joe 214, Pay the Ghost 2015, The Humanity Bureau 2018). There are also a few examples of a Cage character being motivated by the death of his child or the death of a friend’s child (Kill Chain 2019).

CAGE IS A CRIMINAL – Cage is okay with being the villain. While this is not representative of many of these films, the data does show a good number of examples (Arsenal 2017, Dog Eat Dog 2016). In some cases (Running with the Devil 2019) Cage will play the protagonist but he is still playing a villain’s character. To which Cage’s villains’ actions carry story consequences.

CAGE IS A CRIMINAL BUT WITH A HEART OF GOLD – This directly ties into Cage’s searching for flawed characters – Criminals, outlaws, loners, people wronged by the world. They start off bad and are typically left still being bad, but by the end they have been made just a little bit better by their journey.

REVENGE – Cage is drawn to characters seeking Revenge and characters needing to avenge. The previous described pillars typically, but not always, result in a Cage character seeking out revenge to right the wrong either directly to or indirectly to someone else (Vengeance: A Love Story 2017, Dying of the Light 2015).

Revenge represents the largest segment of data followed by a Child Motivation.


Cage does not work with the same people. There are only two examples of Cage working with a director twice – Nick Powell (Outcast 2015, Primal 2019) and Paul Schrader (Dying of the Light 2015, Dog Eat Dog 2016). Most of the writers, directors and cinematographers are younger, being only their first or second films.

There is one wonderful anomaly to this – Elijah Wood. Cage acted with Wood in The Trust (2016). Cage would later star in Mandy (2018) and Color out of Space (2020) produced by Elijah Wood. This would be the greatest outcome in these three movies. The Trust, Mandy, and Color out of Space representative of three of the BEST CONSTRUCTED films as well as the MOST ENJOYABLE films to watch.


Many of these films do not have official budget numbers available. For the ones that do I took their average resulting in 10 million. I then applied that number to the missing date sets in order to obtain an estimated total budget for all 30 films of 448 MILLION. Using Box-office Mojo Worldwide Box-office date, these 30 films took via theaters – 68 MILLION GLOBALLY. This leaves a delta of 380 MILLION to be made up through Disk Sales, VOD Sales, and other distribution deals.

Top 5 Cage Distributors
RLJE Films – 6 Films
Lionsgate – 5 Films
Sabee – 3 Films
Momentum – 3 Films
Millennium Entertainment – 2 Films


The Critics Average RT Score – 32 Percent.
The Audience Average RT Score – 36 Percent.


Nick Cage is an auteur character actor.

Cage did not make 30 movies over 10 years for a paycheck. Although Cage does have eccentric taste – T-Rex skull, a castle, rare comics. Cage made 30 movies because he loves the craft of acting. Most of these 30 films have great concepts and moments of top-level film making. Cage typically lifts the material beyond what it is deserving. But this is a compliment to Cage’s ability as an actor. Paul Schrader reveals in an interview on Dog Eat Dog that the production was having difficulty landing William Dafoe due to a lack of money to pay him. Cage would pay 100,000 out of his fee directly to Dafoe to acquire that actor. This is not an action of a man who is only working for a paycheck.

Cage has continued to improve his craft managing incredibly manic characters to very serious characters.


JOE (2014) – 9.5 (Best Film)
Outcast (2015) – 6.7
The Trust (2016) – 9.0 (My Favorite)
Army of One (2016) – 8.0
Mom and Dad (2018) – 8.0
Mandy (2018) – 9.2
Color out of Space (2020) – 8.2






Trespass 2011 (October 14) – 35m/10m BO

Movie – 3.5

Cage – 7.0 (50m/50s)

RT – Critics 10% – Audience 22%

  • Why is everything so tight when shot wide?
  • Ben Mendelsohn is a standout with an interesting second level motivation.
  • Setup is very much setup – pole.
  • Dir. – Joel Schumacher. Odd choices in structure. 
  • Location – New Orleans – Never feels like.
  • Distributed by – Millennium Entertainment.



Stolen 2012 (September 14) – 35m/18m BO

Movie – 6.0

Cage – 7.0 (40m/60s)

RT – Critics 20% – Audience 34%

  • Josh Lucas is fun, but his motivation is dumb (stupid criminal who caused his own problem).
  • Plays more to thriller (The Game) then Heist (Thief). 
  • FBI vs Cage vs Lucas is fun.
  • Nick Cage loses his daughter
  • Setup for daughter is about 10 seconds – didn’t care outside of the trope.
  • Flat Direct to DVD look.
  • Dir. Simon West – Con Air, The Mechanic, The General’s Daughter – lacks personality.
  • Location – New Orleans – never feels like.
  • Distributed by – Millennium Films.



Seeking Justice 2012 (March 16) – 30m/12.3m BO

Movie – 6.0

Cage – 7.0 (40m/60s)

RT – Critics 28% – Audience 39%

  • Opens strong. Act 2 is bogged down.
  • Guy Pearce is a standout with some meat to his motivations.
  • Good action sequences.
  • Flat Direct to DVD look.
  • Fun with Secret Society but never goes deep enough like (John Wick)
  • Dir. Roger Donaldson – Dante’s Peak, The Bounty, Cadillac Man, The November Man – much less character then previous films.
  • Location – New Orleans – Never Feels like.
  • Distributed by – Anchor Bay Films.



Frozen Ground 2013 (August 23) – 19.2m/5.6m BO

Movie – 7.0

Cage – 8.5 (20m/80s)

RT – Critics 61% – Audience 50%

  • Very serious film. No antics. 8mmesque
  • Nick Cage losing his adoptive daughter
  • True story.
  • Cage is outstanding with good support
  • Cinematography callout.
  • Dir. Scott Walker – Only Film
  • Location – Anchorage Alaska – Feels Like.
  • Distributed by – Lionsgate.




Joe 2014 (April 11) – 4M/2.3M BO

Movie – 9.2

Cage – 10.0 (10m/90s)

RT – Critics 85% CF – Audience 68%

  • Beautiful cinematography.
  • Nick Cage loses his adoptive son
  • Rounded flawed characters – real.
  • Character driven.
  • Acting is fantastic from everyone.
  • Mud and Joe would be a great double feature.
  • Dir. David Gordon Green – Mud, George Washington, Halloween (2018) – Same auteurism.
  • Location – Rural Texas – Feels like.
  • Distributed by – Roadside Attractions.



Rage 2014 (August 12) – 25m/0m BO

Movie 8.4 Before Ending – Movie 6.8 After Ending.

Cage 8.0 (60m/40s)

RT – Critics 12% – Audience 28%

  • Flat Direct to DVD cinematography.
  • Nick Cage Loses his daughter
  • Cage is a gangster who got out to get back in.
  • The action gun sequences have style.
  • The Driving sequence is a fast cutting mess.
  • The ending reveal is cliché leaning into dumb given setup.
  • Dir. Paco Cabezas – Mostly TV
  • Location – Mobile Alabama – Never feels like
  • Distributed by – Image Entertainment




Outcast 2015 (February 06) – 25m/4.8m BO

Supporting Cage

Movie – 7.0

Cage – 9.0 (85m/15s)

RT – Critics 5% – Audience 22%

  • Action is fast cutting chaos. What’s happening?
  • Pee Peeing on Hayden Christensen.
  • Setup is tired (Gladiator still has best use from movies I have seen)
  • Cage’s accent is… something?
  • “I am the White Ghost” – Cage
  • Does Christensen and Cage speak Chinese or does China speak English?
  • Dir. Nick Powell – Primal (Cage) – Stunts, Second Unit Director Background – Fight Master on Gladiator.
  • Location – Yunnan province of China – kind of feels like
  • Distributed by – Entertainment One



The Runner 2015 (August 25) – 6m?/750t BO

Movie – 6.5

Cage – 7.0 (10m/90s)

RT – Critics 24% – Audience 23%

  • No over the top accent (Outcast).
  • Political thriller
  • Best capturing of New Orleans so far.
  • Story is allowed to breath with character moments
  • Dir. Austin Stark – Feature Directorial Debut.
  • Location – New Orleans – Feels Like
  • Distributed by – Alchemy



Pay the Ghost 2015 (September 25) – /2.9m BO

Movie – 7.2

Cage – 7.0 (50m/50s)

RT – Critics 10% – Audience 25%

  • Nick Cage loses his daughter? – trend developing in characters.
  • Some good spooky elements to horror
  • Good dynamic cinematography
  • That bird is bad CGI
  • Huge end act 2 exposition dump flashback. 
  • Dir. Uli Edel – TV Background
  • Location – New York
  • Distributed by – RLJ Entertainment



Dying of the Light 2015 (February 17) – 5m/698t BO.

Movie – 5.0

Cage – 7.0 (65m/35s)

RT – Critics 08% – Audience 15%

  • Act 1 structure is odd with time jumps
  • Good cinematography lighting but coverage is very standard.
  • Action is singles edited together – terrible.
  • Cage grows more manic as metal disease progresses.
  • Cage build sympathy for a rough character
  • Is Cage trustworth with mind failing – yes.
  • Anton Yelchin is middle of the road, straight face serious.
  • Great ending idea but boring build up – opposing men with different diseases.
  • Score is a cookie cutter paid for.
  • Dir. Paul Schrader – Taxi Driver, Transcendental Style, – not here?
  • Location – Virginia/Romania/Africa but shot in Romania/Australia – felt Romaniun only.
  • Distributed by – Lionsgate

Dark 2017 (same movie)




The Trust 2016 (May 13) – 9m/322t BO

Movie – 9.2

Cage – 9.0 (80m/20s)

RT – Critics 63% – Audience 29% 

  • Cage has a marvelous Mustache.
  • Not every movie needs to be a floating moving camera.
  • Cage has a tone of energy after a few more serious films.
  • “Are you refinancing your home to pay for a heist?”
  • Performances are outstanding
  • Cinematography is great looking.
  • Story is character driven. I understand what’s driving them even though this is a hyper real world.
  • Elijah Wood – Amazon. 
  • Dir. Alex Brewer/Ben Brewer – Young directors who have a voice
  • Location – Las Vegas 
  • Distributed by – Saban Films



USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage 2016 (Oct 14) 40m/1.6m BO

Supporting Cage

Movie – 3.5

Cage – 6.0 (20m/80s) – very little screen time

RT – Critics 17% – Audience 30%

  • Narration from Journal written in a way no one from 1945 would write it from that time “it’s 1945”
  • ‘It’s a fight” – sailers run to watch – stupid.
  • Cage Narration – On what a Heavy Cruiser’s role is as a ship – weirdly placed. Who is Cage talking to?
  • Trying to build feelings for the crew before the ship sinks – standar crew doing crew stuff – imitating the officers, two crew members don’t like each other, Hardass XO, sailor needs to get back to his new fiance, ect.
  • Captain Cage is isolated from the rest of the crew in his own boat. Limited days with Cage to shoot?
  • In the water conversation about black people fighting for a country that doesn’t care for them.
  • I have no understanding of where these survive groups are in relation to each other.
  • Guy starts to throw up then is killed by a shark – not supposed to be funny I think.
  • Cage has very little screen time.
  • Dir. Mario Van Peebles – TV Background and Acting – 
  • Location – South Pacific Ocean
  • Distributed by – Saban Films



Dog Eat Dog 2016 (November 4)

Movie –

Cage –

RT – Critics 

  • WTF is this movie?
  • Paul Schrader second team up – very different.
  • Style everywhere (natural Born Killers esk?)
  • Cage is Bogarte 



Army of One 2016 (November 15) ?m/353t BO

Movie – 7.1

Cage – 8.0 (95m/05s)

RT – Critics 25% – Audience 25%

  • WTF is this – good?!
  • Most manic Cage I have seen over such a long run time.
  • The released version of the film was recut by Bob Weinstein without Charles’s permission.
  • I am Gary Faulkner and I am the Donkey King. 
  • Dir. Larry Charles – Borat, Brüno, Religulous – has style and bizarreness.
  • Location – colorado/pakistan
  • Distributed by – TWC-Dimension




Arsenal 2017 (January 07) ?m/41t BO

Supporting Cage

Movie – 3.0

Cage – 7.0 (65m/35s)

RT – Critics 03% – Audience 17%

  • John Cussace and Nick Cage return together
  • Why is everything so tight?
  • Not all shots need to be handheld shaky
  • Bonding antics feel forced and clishi
  • The framing is off – everyone’s head extends past top but the movie is in the right aspect ratio 2:35:1
  • 33 minutes in Cage returns – 23 years later in the story but looks the same as the first scene.
  • Terrible writing – Buy me a shot line, no, was funny.
  • Cage is doing the best he can with dialogue.
  • Cussace is a cop? I missed something.
  • Cage returns at 49 min for 20 seconds
  • Fun reveal – but how does Cage keep his men’s loayate if he is such a bitch?
  • Slow motion style in a few sequences but doesn’t carry over overall – done to be cool. 
  • Dir. Steven C. Miller – many VOD films I don’t know – 
  • Location – Mississippi?/south – no one has an accent?
  • Distributed by – Lionsgate Premiere



Inconceivable 2017 (June 30) 13m/218t BO

Supporting Cage

Movie – 3.5

Cage – 6.0 (05m/95s)

RT – Critics 31% – Audience 63%

  • Not all shots need to be handheld shaky
  • Gorgeous new woman in the main characters’ lives hates to have her photo taken – she is hiding – Yes – clishie yes.
  • Cage is a DR. MD.
  • 4 miscarriages – got an egg downer – new person in life is the doner? – Yes – shocking.
  • Flashbacks to woman and her kid and her killing of her husband 4 years ago.
  • “No, silly me” line delivery – rough.
  • Soap Opera Level Drama Twists
  • Is the mom the audience – asking the audience questions of why main characters are making their choices?
  • MD Cage’s Guest House is nicer than my real house. 
  • MD Cage’s child is in risk setup.
  • Film sets up mom had a drug issue in the past as why she might not be believable now but the audience knows friend is responsible – no doubt.
  • What happened to the bad lady?
  • Dir. Jonathan Baker – First Feature – 
  • Location – Cincinnati? – 
  • Distributed by – Lionsgate Premiere



Vengeance: A Love Story 2017 (September 15)

Support Cage

?/73t BO

Movie – 6.3

Cage – 6.0 (50m/50s)

RT – Critics N/A – Audience 28%

  • First 10 min – good stunt/mini shootout – terrible dialogue.
  • Villain Men – “I Spit on Your Grave”esk – played tragically in tone as one of the worst crimes but the Villain dudes are acting like it comical – A Clockwork Orange. 
  • Not all shots need to be handheld shaky
  • The Lighting has been very good
  • A daughter is in danger of motivation. 
  • Action is better then a lot of prior – Dir. STUNT BACKGROUND?
  • A Catholic Priest recommended a Lawyer to the Mom of the Boys who rapped this woman. He says “this man helped the Vandican with 18 cases”
  • I get what trial scene is going for but does it hit you on the bead with it.
  • Woman jumps but Cage standing off screen saves her.
  • The editing makes it look like Cage saw a dead cat but kept driving.
  • Not a lot of stunts.
  • The Cage/Don end conversation would have been a better movie: the Lawyer who defends Villains and the Cop who kills.  
  • Dir. Johnny Martin – Stunt Coordinator background – 
  • Location –
  • Distributed by – FilmRise




Mom and Dad 2018 (January 19)

Movie – 8.0

Cage – 8.5 (80m/20s)

RT – Critics 

  • Style and personality and Self Aware
  • Boobs in young Nic Cage face
  • Zombies!
  • Not all shots need to be handheld shaky
  • Fun premise spin
  • Fun Cage!



Looking Glass 2018 (February 16) ?/80k BO

Movie – 6.5

Cage – 6.5 (20m/80s)

RT – Critics 17% – Audience 11%

  • Good setup with photo without exposition on family background – kid is dead
  • Good creation of atmosphere around the motel – a mystery unfolding.
  • Film has style and interesting character actors. 
  • Takes it time but doesn’t meander – always feels like progress.
  • Cage deals with a dead daughter.
  • What’s the deal with Shelf – interesting.
  • Have you heard from Ben – so many times.
  • “You got a new microwave” Ben Shot Dead – what is going on? In a good way.
  • Bad line – “So that’s how Ben knew” – Scooby doesk.
  • Dir. Tim Hunter – TV background, Twin Peaks,
  • Location – California Desert – 
  • Momentum Pictures



The Humanity Bureau 2018 (April 6) 22m/0 BO

Movie –

Cage –

RT – Critics 

  • Bad CGI Starting Off – Backgrounds!
  • Cage drives a El Camino as a government car?
  • Is this satire?
  • Exposition dump in boss office. Talking for the audience not for each other. These characters would already know all about their world.
  • Kid is annoying.
  • Dialogue is very very very direct. 
  • Kis is fucking annoying.
  • Kid is a reason for Cage’s motivation. 
  • Too clean and nonviolent to be exploitive but this is what this film genre is trying for.
  • If they stopped making cars 30 years ago, and coffee and stuff, what do people do in order to be considered productive?
  • How does the government work? Canada government?
  • How are there no lakes if there is still snow, therefore runoff and rain, therefor streams and pooled water – AKA Lakes
  • Why does everyone hellp the?
  • The kid is really fucking annoying. 
  • The Kid is Cages lost son – kill him!
  • Ending Revolution Means – something?
  • Dir. Rob W. King – lots of TV
  • Location – Nevada to Canada –
  • Distributed by – Minds Eye Entertainment



211 2018 (June 8)

Mandy 2018 (September 13)

Between Worlds 2018 (December 21) ?/0 BO

Movie – 6.8

Cage – 8.0 (80m/20s)

RT – Critics 29% – Audience 86%

  • Angelo badalamenti dit theme – also did music on Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive. 
  • Jim Agnew – ex producer on this and Rage (2014)
  • Aaron Collins an associate Producer – Production Manager on Dog Eat dog 2016
  • Written Produced directed by Maria Pulera
  • Cag is a very grease truck driver out of money.
  • “We dont hurt people down south” – Cameron Poe (Con Air) cousin?
  • “Wrestle a man gator”
  • Holding a photo “wife and daughter. Opps, they’re dead”
  • “What the hell, does that have to do, with being strangled?”
  • Not a shaky handheld camera – thank you!
  • Cage is strangling women so she can project her consciousness – woman needs to wear a turtleneck to hide hand prints.
  • Cage lost family. New family is motivation
  • Main acting is rough outside of Cage.
  • Sex Scene tjrow back to “The Rock” (1997).
  • Cage’s reactions to awkwardness of what daughter is up to – from the afterlife? 
  • Should Cage be shocked by the revelation given he buys into mom being able to throw her consciousness?
  • A third Nick Cage Sex Sceane?
  • Waterhouse scene while mom watches – sure…
  • “What do you expect, me to kill my wife”
  • Cage once again makes me feel through his acting. 
  • Dir. Maria Pulera –
  • Location – Mobile Alabama – 
  • Distributed by – Lionsgate/Saban Films




A Score to Settle 2019 (august 02) ?/85t BO

Movie – 6.5

Cage – 6 5 (15m/85s)

RT – Critics 15% – Audience 21%

  • While straightforward – Decent movie so far
  • “I’m going to make it up to you” – Cliche Cage out of jail after 19 years. 
  • Benjamin Bratt is always charming and professional. 
  • “Nobody is ever really out’ clishi
  • The Insomnia angle is interesting.
  • Awkward shootout at the parlor
  • Said he was doing it for his son. CGe bieves action but his character is selfish.
  • Like the tension with the bellhop in the room. 
  • I was really hoping the kid would just be gone due to Cage’s choice. Half cliche to have him pulled back in as he ODs.
  • I actually didn’t see that reveal. Half take back.
  • The dragon guy is an annoying villain. 
  • Dir. Shawn Ku – Movies I have not seen –
  • Location – Salem Or Area – Filmed in Bc 
  • Distributed by – RLJE Films



Running with the Devil 2019 (September 20)

?/60t BO

Supporting esk cage

Movie – 6.5

Cage – 6.5 (15m/85s)

RT – Critics

  • Long shot through club serves what purposes other arriving at cocaine?
  • Text descriptions over lauded character frames
  • Fishburne really likes cocaine and pegging. 
  • So many characters!
  • Traffic cloan. 
  • I’m so confused by what is happening.
  • Cage is following a cocaine shipment looking for where it is getting cut/short?
  • This mexican whit suited middleman is fun. 
  • What happened to the Goldberg/Fishburne storyline?
  • I really like the drug smuggling route story but everything else has been fat.
  • The Agent outering the snitch off the books for info really isn’t got to hold up cort?
  • Really forced moment to get rid of Cage – fall off cliff – sure?
  • Cage is back – shocking.
  • Agent’s fingerprints all over close. The boss is still around. What point?
  • Barry Pepper and Laurence Fishburne costar.
  • Adam Goldberg is always fun.
  • Dir. Jason Cabell – actor background. First solo directing and writer – 
  • Location – Albuquerque ? Filmed but showed space needle for location
  • Distributed by – Quiver Distribution



Kill Chain 2019 (October 18) UHD

Movie – 6.0

Cage – 6.8 (22m/78s)

RT – N/A

  • Titles are a TV show
  • Enrico Colantoni is wonderful.
  • Colantoni got the hooker killed still.
  • Some shaky camera
  • A lot of shaky cam now. All tight too. Motion sickness. 
  • Where’s Cage – I’m 40 minutes in and he has had 2 minutes of screen time but is on the poster 
  • Turned subtitles on for so much mubaling. 
  • What is happening – why is there a shootout between kids yelling “I love you”
  • Cage is back at the 47 min mark.
  • Lots of Cage sex scense at the back end of this marathon
  • “He’s not a killer” “your right” – but Cage killed the guy downstairs with pills?
  • Loops back around but doesn’t play any differently, different angle.
  • “An organization” movie.
  • So much single cut to a different single.
  • No way this “plan” works out being set in motion. So many variables out of Cages control. 
  • Distributed by – Amazon Studios
  • Location – Columbia –
  • Dir. Ken Sanzel – The replacement Killers writer and other tv stuff



Primal 2019 (November 8) 31m/40k BO

Movie –

Cage –

RT – Critics 38% – Audience 28%

  • That’s one bad CGI Cat!
  • The Pocher with a heart of gold.
  • Kevin Serge Durand is amazing! – Lost the Strain.
  • Kevin is in a Cage. I bet he’s primal?
  • Famke Janssen – of Golden Eye and Jean in X Men
  • This boat is more of a wearhouse. 
  • Kevin is amazing!
  • Monster locked in the house with people.
  • Why would the U.S. not send a military jet or ship or plane? Why is the world’s most dangerous man traveling on a mexican fighter? Such a convoluted explanation of why Kevin has to be on this boat.
  • What a stupid escape plan – faking his seger – which was a convaluted setup to begin with. 
  • “I’m not going anymore until I feed my animals”
  • Bad CGI monkeys – kills the cook
  • Cage was 82 Mechanic. Cage and Kevin both hate authority. But will one be a lovable asshole?
  • How does a movie filmed inside a closed indoor set cost 31 million?
  • Of course the kid interrupts Cage capturing Kevin. 
  • Always the NSA. What a dumb agent. 
  • Dir. Nick Powell – Outcast – Team up us back
  • Distributed by – Lionsgate
  • Location – Puerto Rico 



Grand Isle 2019 (Dec 06)




  • Dr. Fraser Kran. 
  • I hate when beautiful women in movies say they’re ugly. 
  • That 8s some amazing hair Cage
  • Key Largo (1948) with a Supernatural tone8


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