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Hello Folks! Today we have a wonderful interview to share with you all with the brilliant Swedish born filmmaker Titus Paar. Titus has created some wonderful work, especially in the world of action and adventure films. He has directed the likes of Steven Seagal, documented the living world of ancient tribes that most of us probably didn’t even know existed, and re-invented the idea of filming the era of the Vikings, as well as so much more. He is a powerhouse of a filmmaker and a visual mastermind in the world of cinema. We are so excited to have him grace our digital pages to provide a much needed relief from the insane times and events that re surrounding us lately.

So, Folks, please enjoy this wonderful interview with the great Titus Paar!




When did you first realize that you wanted to work in the world of entertainment? Was it something you have wanted to do since your youth, or was it something that you just sort of fell into?

I was born with a very strong visual mind and have always seen everything in angles and cuts with big storys. Can’t shut it off. Started in the playground with me directing my friends to go out on my big adventures that could stretch weeks.

Then I started acting around the age of 6 and found my passion for theater. At the age of 12 I realized I wanted to star in movies and become the next Arnold (didn’t happen) but I also realised I lived out in the Swedish wilderness with no connections so…

I started making my own movies where I was the leading man and it grew from there. It lead me into making my feature debut at the age of only 15 and became the youngest filmmaker in Scandinavian history to make a theatrical feature.

So I’ve been doing this since before I can remember, natural born filmmaker. I try to stay true to that kid as much as a I can and remember the magic of seeing moves at that young age.

What was your first paid gig in the world of entertainment? And were there any sort of lessons learned from this experience that still affects your work to date?

I was 8 and played Mowgli in The Jungle Book in a play (there were not a huge amount of Indian boys in Sweden, hence the white washing casting of me). It was great, we where on a tour and I made the money that I was able to fund my first film with.


You were recently kind enough to make me privy to a truly wonderful short film entitled Legend of Dark Rider that I absolutely LOVED. Can you tell our readers a bit about this project? And can we expect to hear more about the Dark Rider in the future?

Thanks, Man. Yeah that one is dear to me. I wanted to make a grand old tale based on a world I spent 8 years creating. A mix of everything I loved and I didn’t care if anyone else liked it, just needed to make something I got a kick out of. So I funded this short that also works as a pilot of the first 20 min of a feature .

I wanted to make a bloody barbarian movie in snow landscape, with a elements of Black Metal, Japanese story telling, Viking Folklore and with a story that is thoughtful and not just a guy with muscles trying to save the world/sexy woman.

We actually made this short for only 8k and it was the film that took me to Hollywood. Won 16 best film awards that year and was praised by people like John Carpenter, Anthony Hopkins and Dolph Lundgren.

Check it out HERE for free.

I’m currently working on the feature, got some very cool A-list cast attached that you will love in this type of film… can’t say who. Working on closing that now and hopefully film next winter, we’ll see if the movie gods are with us.



In 2016 you directed and co-wrote the action-packed film The Perfect Weapon, starring the legendary Steven Seagal. I am curious to know what inspired you to bring this story to life? And how was your experience bringing this story to the world. Was there anything that set itself apart from your other projects?

Yeah that was the craziest thing I have ever been through.

This film opened at No. 1 on Netflix in the US, was released world wide by SONY and made over 4M the first year.

This was the first story/script that I directed that wasn’t made by me. I got the script and was like “what is this B action shit?”. I saw that Seagal was attached and they wanted me to direct it because they could not find anyone in the states that could pull off this big sc-fi action move on this tiny budget.

So I thought, if I´m going to do a B-action movie with Seagal, let’s make it a homage to the 15 year old me and the best damn B-movie I can, I said “I’ll do it if I can do whatever I want”.

So I hired as many action stars from the 80-90s and crammed in as many pop culture references as I could. I didn’t want to make an obvious Kung Fury type homage, but an ironic one that felt like it was made in the 80-90s, when movies took themselves way too seriously but also not at all. They where charming.

I didn’t tell the actors it was a homage because then they would have over done it, but I think they thought the directions where strange at times 🙂

I mean just working with Seagal was nuts, what a guy. But I was very prepared that this was going to be a very hard movie to make with difficult actors. We had 260 VFX shots, 19 days filming and everything that could have gone wrong did.

But it turned out the way I wanted and I delivered that film on a 1.2M budget, It looks much more expensive than that.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liIOOTI4-oI&t=72s

My hope for this film was to have it become a cult classic and not an instant critical success (which I knew was never going to happen). And actually it has. People have really found this film and made so many homage videos and things about it, the film buffs and students love it.



Scrolling through your IMDb credits, I was intrigued by a documentary you created entitled Living with the Secret Kogi Tribe. It sounds fascinating, and I would love to hear more about it. Can you tell us a bit about the project, and what made you want to tell the tale of the Kogi tribe?

That was a truly amazing experience. We lived with this secret native tribe out in the jungle for weeks. The tribe never lets anyone in normally and they live the same way they did 2000 years ago. It was like time travel, to meet a saberthouth tiger.

My favorite word is “ADVENTURE”  and this was the biggest adventure of my life. I almost died 3 times, but hey, adventures come at a risk.

This film made the world a nicer place for an hour and a half I think and those are the kind of stories you feel good about telling.



If you were handed the opportunity to create the biopic of any legendary figure in world history, who would it be?

It´s not what I usually do, I´m more into creating my own world with my own set of rules. If you do a bio pic you are very locked in to the real world and real events that you have to respect.

BUT after my experience with the Kogi tribe and my love for a good western. I´m really keen to do a good movie or limited series about Sitting Bull.

There hasen’t been a good one, a true portrayal of the man. Done with real natives in their own language told through his conversations when he had become a circus act to his only friend Annie Oakley as he is reminiscing of his life. That’s a good foundation.

I think it has to be done by an outsider, there is to much pride and things at stake for a native director to tell that story and too much stigma and bad blood for a US director. I think I could make an interesting objective portrayal and find the man behind the legend and sprinkle it with some movie magic and poetry.

I’d like that. I just make movie I want to see that doesn’t exist, always as a fan of film.


What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I´m in post on Fear of the Woods, a film about bear hunters in Alaska set in the 90s. A monster movie in the sprit on Spielberg. You know when there is a story and characters that are so interesting the film would be good even if you take out the beast crashing the party.

I’ve been wanting to make this film since I saw the anime Silver Fang for the first time when I was like 6. So 30 year later here we are, staying true to the kid.

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After that I got a slate of 5 films I´m planing to do over 10 years.
I was going to direct my biggest one ever with some of the best actors alive today now in April/June but then Corona came and fucked it up so we are trying to find a new date to start. When the world order returns we´ll be ready.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

Hearing from you today actually is the most recent one. And doing this interview gave me fond memories. Movies are my life, talking about them fills me with so much joy. Thank you for having me guys.

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  1. Titus Paar says:

    Thank you guys for having me and good job with this interview!

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