Sunday Matinee: Carol of the Bells [Film]


“A young man with a troubled past seeks out his biological mother. His world is turned upside down upon discovering that she is developmentally disabled. Unable to work through this new discovery on his own, the man’s wife takes matters into her own hands forcing her husband to face the truth and heal the past. A crew of 70% individuals with developmental disabilities recently produced Carol of the Bells through Travolta’s Inclusion Films.” – October Coast PR



Folks, get ready to break out the feels on this one. If you have some resemblance of a soul, or even just a bit of consciousness, hell even a pulse, Carol of the Bells is a heart-warming film that is bound to take your breath away. Even if the events depicted in this truly original film don’t hit you personally, you are going to feel something special after just one viewing of this incredible film. By the above description alone of the film, you should probably know what you are getting into. But, let me tell you Folks, it’s more. SO much more. Carol of the Bells is honestly one of the most touching films I have ever seen. Misguided anger, mixed with regret, and the misunderstanding of things we can not begin to comprehend are themes that emancipate the story into the lovely package that the film is as whole.



Filmmaker Joey Travolta has managed to make writer J.C. Peterson’s amazing story into an absolute visual masterpiece in so many ways. And the idea that 70% of the crew involved in making this wonderful film happen is a true testament to the idea that we shouldn’t pass judgement too quickly (maybe, at all?) to the idea that folks who may have been dealt some challenges in their lives aren’t able to do amazing work in the world of the creative arts. I would love to think that this is not a real problem in this world that on the surface seems to be so open to difference, but sadly that would be a pipe dream if I ever heard of one. But Travolta, Peterson, and his wonderful crew have created something magical with Carol of the Bells, and it definitely deserves to be celebrated.

As one would expect, RJ Mitte was wonderful with his dramatic depiction of the tortured soul of the film. Some of use grew up watching him on the small screen, and would honestly expect nothing less. This is not to take away from his work here, but when you have established yourself as a dynamic force to be reckoned with, one would be surprised to see a bad performance. The dynamic force that struck me the hardest within Carol of the Bells, was actually a sort of tag team effort, if I could call it that. And that would be between Andrea F. Friedman in her titular role as Carol, and Yuly Mireles as the very pregnant, and very forward thinking Karen Johnson. Not throwing too many spoilers out there, but if you are at all interested in seeing this flick, these two interacting is hands down my most favorite part of the film.

So Folks, this is a very special film that is a brilliant story brought to screen by an incredible filmmaker, and is star-studded beyond comprehension. It’s one of my favorite films of the year thus far, and I know you are going to love it. So check it out!


Carol of the Bells will be available on DVD and Digital March 3 from High Octane Pictures. Find it wherever you purchase great films.


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