Saturday Special: Agramon’s Gate [Film]


“A psychic reader and Medium is invited to a party. Something goes very wrong and something comes over from the other side to haunt the people from the party. They must solve the mystery before it’s too late. Agramon will not be easy to stop.” – October Coast PR



Hello Folks! It’s another Saturday Special here at Trainwreck’d Society, and we have a doozy of a suspense thriller that fits our agenda ever so nicely here. Agramon’s Gate is one of those indie thrillers that is bound to leave your breathless and regret that you watched it alone at all hours of the night while your family is resting peacefully in other rooms while you are freaking out internally and feel the need to slam a few shooters of vodka to get yourself to sleep. Is that too wildly specific? Well, I can only speak from experience, Folks. Seriously though, I truly enjoyed this film exactly for what it was. This film is a brilliant blend of horror, suspense, and a classic tale of taking something like the supernatural a bit to lightly and eventually suffering the consequences. While I would love to avoid any “spoilers” of the film, it behooves me to, in a roundabout way, mention that there is a certain element (a moment, really) that made Agramon’s Gate stand out amongst the plethora of suspense films based around similar subjects. It’s sort of a “fuck all this” moment that I feel NEEDS to be projected in more films of this nature. Sometimes you just want to give up, right? It may not be the most exciting element of a terrible situation, but it’s cathartic on so many levels for me. I won’t go into details, but as soon as you watch this incredible made film, you will know exactly what I mean. I hope. Nah, you’ll get it.



Agramon’s Gate is another final production from filmmaker Harley Wallen, who’s previous film, Eternal Code, landed in our Top 50 Films of 2019. The film was of a different nature entirely, but shared a similar vibe of suspense and a style all of Wallen’s own. As his work was before, the film is lead by an incredible cast. The legendary Yan Birch and Laurene London make strong performances on another Wallen project, and I feel the great need to highlight a young Calhoun Koenig as the titular character, who was absolutely frightening, a.k.a. brilliant.

So Folks, if you are looking for a good bit of suspense and fright with some kind of lasting effects on your psyche, look no further than Agramon’s Gate. It is a great deal of fun for a Saturday night, and I know you will love it. Enjoy!


Agramon’s Gate is available now On Demand from Midnight Releasing. Get it wherever you purchase great films!

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