Billy Wayne Davis [Interview]


Hello Folks! Today we have another incredible interview to share with you all today. Billy Wayne Davis is another absolutely outstanding stand up comedian gracing our digital pages today. Billy is somebody that I came across on a personal level not unlike our very recent guest, fellow comedian Allen Strickland Williams, in that his name is brought up often on the plethora of comedy podcasts I enjoy. This would in turn lead me to checking out as much of his work that I can and truly loving everything he is doing with his act. And that, Folks, is just called marketing!

Davis is hand’s down one of the most original comics I have watched in a lot of years. He is a southern boy with liberal views, which seems like a unicorn all in its own, but even when discussing “liberal” issues, it doesn’t play out to be anything like a crutch. He is just really, really, funny! There are no gimmicks with this cat. He just has hilarious stories and jokes that will guarantee to make you smile. I truly believe that there is a difference between being self-aware, and being self-aware to know that standing out for being a great comic is more important, and ultimately more rewarding, than standing out for the sake of standing out.

So Folks, please enjoy some incredible words from the insanely hilarious Billy Wayne Davis!




When did you first discover that you are a hilarious human being and you wanted to make people laugh for a living? Is it something deep-rooted, or did you happen to find yourself in this world one day?

I liked making people laugh and laughing since i can remember. My parents always enjoyed good comedy, but they were teachers, i had to seek out the comedy world. It felt right for the jump.


What was your very first paid gig in the world of entertainment? And were there any sort of lessons learned from this experience that still affects your work today? 

I got $50 to do 15 minutes at the Baxter Tennessee Street Fair. I learned that the crowd will always side and laugh at the smart-ass child heckler.


You’ve been in the game for quite a long time, and have had some great success. With that, I have been hearing some great stuff about the city in which you started in, Nashville. I am curious to know how things have changed around there since you first started? Is the rise in popularity of the city a good thing in your opinion?

I think Nashville tricked itself out like a filthy whore. Anything to the highest bidder. It was once an interesting gritty little city that fostered weirdos, the righteous, and sinners alike. But now its DERP VEGAS. An opportunistic fire sale of working class culture squeezing out every last cent it can. But there’s still some dope people and places I love to visit there just not for as long.


And how about the world of comedy in general. With the rise in popularity of stand comedy from things like podcasts and YouTube, how drastically do you feel the comedy scene has changed over the years? And is the amount of content available a good thing to you? Or do you believe it is becoming oversaturated?

Everything is oversaturated because we haven’t mastered or even begun to understand our new technologies yet. Whether thats good or bad, YES.  Its both good and bad. New excites some, and new scares others. I’ve found that as long as i’m being creative, i can find the funny in any new medium. Some just don’t interest  me. And thats OKAY!


I always love to ask people who travel a lot performing music or comedy or what have you, what are some of your favorite cities to perform in that people may be surprised to find out are great to do comedy in? 

Dublin, Ireland.

Humbodlt County, California.

Bloomington, Indiana

Vancouver BC

West Virginia

Anchorage Alaska


What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

Keep doing stand-up until i can’t. I’d like to write more for television. I’m currently working on several podcasts. Look out for those.


What was the last thing that made you smile?

My 1 year old son, and his ten year old brother eating breakfast together this morning.


Catch Billy Wayne Davis bringing his comedic joy to a city near you! Head over to for tickets!


Upcoming Shows:

Thursday, Feb. 27th @ The Siren Theater in Portland, Oregon

Sunday, Mar. 8th @ Dynasty Typewriter in Los Angeles, California

Wednesday, April 1st @ Loony Bin Comedy in Wichita, Kansas

Friday, April 3rd @ The Paramount Room in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Saturday, April 4th @ Blackbird on Pearl in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Friday & Saturday, April 17th & 18th @ Club Comedy Seattle in Seattle, Washington

Friday & Saturday, May 29th & 30th @ Savage Henry Comedy Club in Eureka, California

Wednesday, June 17th @ Zanie’s Comedy Club in Nashville, Tennessee

Friday, June 19th @ Club 337 in LaFayette, Louisiana




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