New Music Tuesday: Heart Bones – Hot Dish [Album]



Over the last couple of years, I have become aware of a man that I could only only describe as poignant and hilarious. That man would be Har Mar Superstar. I was incredibly unaware of how talented he was musically, because quite honestly, I only knew of him from his several appearances on the podcast Doug Loves Movies. Every time he would show up on a panel, I would think to myself, “Oh I should check out his music”. Yet, being the fool that I am, I hadn’t gotten around to it. But, I am happy to say that this tom foolery is now over after seeing his name pass through my inbox in the form of his latest project alongside fellow musical genius Sabrina Ellis. And I can simply say now that I am a fan. Holy shit, People. Something extremely special this way has come in the form of Hot Dish. I seriously have to restrain myself from calling it a perfect album, as the baggage that comes along with such a statement is heavy and I hate checked luggage. But, if Hot Dish shouldn’t be called a perfect album, it’s so goddamn close.


The delightful pop sensibility of Hot Dish is definitely going to be an obvious plus for anyone who is into danceable and sincerely entertaining music. But, with myself being one of these try hard fools who truly NEEDS the songwriting aspect to be a crucial element, I am here to say that I was not disappointed in the slightest. Amidst the flurry of what could be considered to be musical confetti, and the ultimate coming-of-age film-Prom-night-scene soundtrack, there are some incredible stories to be told amongst these 11 tracks. Yes, even a cover of “Hungry Eyes” is involved, and is totally re-invented in a way that I almost forgot that it was a cover at all. It’s so damn good people! Har Mar and Sabrina have managed to create something that is smart, emotionally stimulating, and just a whole lot of fun. There is a little something for everyone here.



If you’ve been reading our little site regularly over the years, you may know that we tend to dig deep into an album to find those tracks that might get overlooked, and praise the living shit out of them, because we are edgy like that and totally not a gathering of hipsters in sheep’s clothing. Nope, not at all. But this time, I simply cannot let go of how much the two tracks that were previously identified as the singles bring me so much joy. The finest of them all being “I Like Your Way”. Seriously Folks, I’ve probably listened to this song over a 100 times, and every time he Har Mar states “chunky peanut butter / funky motherfucker” I still smile. I smiled just writing that. It’s so much fun. The other obvious pick is “Don’t Read The Comments”, which is an extremely catchy pipe dream for this day and age. It’s so good. And because we just simple boomers in the blog game, I can’t help myself and have to say that “Unforgivable” is another amazing track you should all know and love. Alright, now I feel better.

Basically, I need you all to realize that Heart Bones is a project that is going to live in my world for quite some time, and I hope you all would do the same. While I hate to do that hack thing where we tell you what a group should be compared to, I can’t help myself from pointing out that the feeling I have in my gut and heart whilst listening to Hot Dish is comparable to when I first discovered the Strength’s Mindreader, and basically anything from Starfucker. So take that as you will. “RIYL” if it needs to be stated. Just listen, Folks. You’re going to love this one!


Hot Dish from Heart Bones is available now wherever you purchase great music courtesy of Love Online Records. And they are bringing the beauty to a city near you! Check out the dates in the image below, and head to their WEBSITE to get your tickets!





And because I loved it so much, check out this official Audio for “I Like Your Way” if you thought I was lying to you. I wouldn’t do that.


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