New Music Tuesday: Shane Alexander – A Life Like Ours [Album]



I’m finally doing it, Folks! I have been pushing the release date of a review for Shane Alexander’s triumphant album A Life Like Ours for far too long. I’ve listened to and enjoyed the album in its entirety for close to 2 months now, but simply haven’t found the chance to tell you all about it and give it the credit it so deserves. From the opening chords of “Everything as One” to the dramatic conclusion of “Evermore”, Shane Alexander has created something absolutely mesmerizing. And now that the album is officially released, it’s about damn time I give it the proper credit.

If you have been a visitor to our site over the years, you can probably guess what exactly it is that I love about Alexander’s work so much. In my own opinion, there is nothing better than a beautiful listening session with a talented singer/songwriter. While I am not opposed to a huge guitar sound or a high tempo punk rock vibe, my heart will always be with the world of classic and modern folk music. When it’s done right, that is. And Folks, I’m here to tell you that Shane Alexander got it EXACTLY right. He is quoted as saying he hopes “that my fans will listen to A Life Like Ours top to bottom to get my full intent.” And I am here to co-sign on this idea and say that while every song has its own proverbial legs to stand on, this album works so great as a whole, and should really be listened to as such.



If I had to think of one word to describe A Life Like Ours as a whole, as weird as it may seem, I have to say “pretty”. Because it really is. His voice is obviously calming and motivating in a strange way, but between the acoustic pick style he has mastered, and the feeling of the entire earth and existence as we know it colliding in song format to remind us that there may still be some good in the world, I honestly can’t see this amazing album as anything short of pretty. Even if the subject matter turns a bit dark, it’s still just so, so, beautifully done. See incredibly catchy and skillfully down “Taxi Cab” for an example of the latter.

I seriously cannot recommend A Life Like Ours enough to you dear readers. And I think it’s fair to say that Shane will be making an appearance on TWS in the coming months when we begin to wrap up the year in telling what were some our favorite pieces of art to be released in 2019. In fact, I can guarantee it, as this is not only on of the best artistic experiences I have listened to this year, it’s probably the one I’ve heard the most. After so many nights of having Shane serenading my headphones while pounding the keys for other features, I am so happy that I could finally pay tribute to the cat who has helped motivate me through the summer. So, get on it yourselves, Folks! You simply HAVE to hear this incredible album!


A Life Like Ours is available now from Buddhaland Records wherever you get music.


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