Nicolle Radzivil [Interview]

Hello Folks! We have an absolutely wonderful interview to share with you all today. We are sharing some wonderful words from the incredible actress Nicolle Radzivil! I first discovered Nicolle’s acting chops when she appeared in Trevor Moore’s incredible sketch special The Story of Our Times. Regular readers will know that I love to reach out to the folks who have found themselves working on Moore’s truly unique presentation of comedy, and that they always tend to be not only extremely talented, but also very kind. And nothing has changed in that respect when it comes to the great Nicolle Radzivil. She oh so kindly took some time out of her busy life and career to answer a few questions for us here, and we are so excited to share them with you all today.

So without further rambling, let’s just get right into it, shall we? Folks, please enjoy some wonderful words from the delightful human being that is Nicolle Razivil! Enjoy!




When did you first realize you wanted to join the world of acting? Is it something you have wanted to do since a child? Or did it just sort of evolve into what you did for a living?

My mom had me modeling as a baby. Which I still find hilarious. So, she was always very supportive of the entertainment industry. From the time I could walk and talk I would boss all my family around and put on plays and musicals at home, that I of course starred in!! I would have everyone in the house acting. My stepbrother, my cousin, my grandparents. When I was five years old I put on a pretty impressive performance of Hansel and Gretel at a big family reunion and I think that’s when my Dad’s side of the family really noticed that “Yep, oh boy this girl is going to be and is meant to be a performer”. My mom’s side knew right away because they had to deal with it every day. Everyday would be some new project I thought up and I was so excited and passionate and full of energy about it. 

So I started acting. My mom signed me up at every acting class in town. I learned a lot and I started working and going on auditions. She was so extremely supportive and still is. My whole family is. Then at 12 I got tired of running from audition to audition and so I took a very long hiatus. Which on one hand I regret but also feel extremely fortunate for because I got to grow up and learn about myself.

There was never any question for me or option of what I was going to do in my life. I knew right away. At an extremely young age. There was never a plan B there was never any doubt. Some people believe in destiny some don’t but I just knew and I still know that I’m here to perform. I’m here to make people happy, to make people laugh, to make people feel, something. And that is exactly what I intend to do, and am so fortunate and grateful that I get to do.

What was your very first paid gig as an actress? And did that experience leave any long lasting impact in which you still use lessons learned in your work today?

My very first paid acting gig was The Andy Dick Show. I was 10 years old!! It was funny, I had to do some wire work and I didn’t even know what it was at the time. I remember everyone kept asking me if I was ok and I was like “YES!! THIS IS AWESOME!!”

At an audition recently I was asked if I would be comfortable doing underwater wire work and of course I said yes. But in my head I was like “Oh man that sounds scary. What if something goes wrong?! What if I can’t do it?!” So the lesson here is whenever I’m doubting myself I need to remember how fearless, brave, and excited I was as a child.

Also, I didn’t get that part, so all that worry for nada.

Recently you gave some wonderful performances in Trevor Moore’s absolutely hilarious sketch comedy special, The Story of Our Times. What was it like to work on such a hilarious project? Was it as fun to work on as it was for audiences to watch? 

It was really fun!! I’ve worked on four projects so far that were Directed by Nicholaus Goossen, (Typically Rick, Trevor Moore: The Story of Our Times, Bhad Bhabie ft. Lil Yachty: “Gucci Flip Flops”, and most recently Sugar & Toys). Each and every one has been an absolute blast to work on. When you’re surrounded by hilarious and talented people for hours and hours it’s hard not to have fun!! 



If you were handed the opportunity to portray any well known (or not I suppose?) figure in American history, who would you want to portray?

Amelia Earhart. For some reason I became fascinated by her when I was a child. I did a school project about her in the fifth grade where I got to tell the class her story and dress up like her. Ever since I was a kid I’ve really been interested in her life. Which is interesting because I was absolutely terrified of flying. I’ve gotten over that fear though. One of the things that drew me to her was her fearlessness. Growing up I think I’ve read every article or piece of information I could have about her. I still do to this day. Recently I was working on location at the Wilshire Ebell, which is where she made her last public appearance before she disappeared and the feelings I got there were unlike any I had felt before. I was very nostalgic and felt this sense of calm and warmth that drew me to start reading about her again. She really was an incredible woman that I look up to and her story is pretty incredible.

When you’re not acting or writing or modeling, what would somebody find you doing in your off time? What does Nicolle do for a little bit of “me time”?

Hey I haven’t modeled since I was 15 years old!! My modeling career peaked at ages 1-2. I’m a home body. I love cuddling up on my couch and watching movies, that’s definitely on my list of all time favorite things to do. I also love to cook, and I love eating!! Trying different restaurants. So that’s a good combo. Me time includes meditation, yoga, at home facials, massages, reading, watching documentaries. I’ve become very spiritual in the last six months so just learning all I can about the Earth, life, planets, other forms of life. It’s all become very fascinating to me so I enjoy to learn.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

Oh boy. The future holds so much. I’m just getting started!! But, look out for Little Willy directed by Andrew Bowser, that stars Andrew Bowser, Adrienne Barbeau, and Zach Galligan. It’s an awesome horror with some comedic elements that I’m so happy and grateful and excited I got to be a part of. It’s really fantastic. Andrew is beyond talented. And I’m also in an episode of the final season of Criminal Minds that airs sometime next year. Season 15, episode 4.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

It’s funny that you ask that. Yesterday I got some text messages from some old friends that were very sweet and encouraging and that made me smile. Talked with some family I hadn’t talked to in a bit and that made me smile. Got to watch a film that I was very excited to be a part of. I was all smiles yesterday and it was just because of those little things but the happiness I felt was immeasurable.

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