Sunday Matinee: Crown and Anchor [Film]


“Crown and Anchor follows James Downey, who is living a disciplined and straight edge lifestyle as a result of growing up with an abusive alcoholic father. His estranged cousin Danny is drowning his own trauma with drugs and booze. When their lives are forced to intersect once more, they each begin to unravel as the past returns with violent and tragic consequences.” – October Coast PR



The first word that comes to mind when I reflect on viewing Crown and Anchor…is emotional. Because that is definitely what it is. It is an emotional drama about the bonds of family, the tyranny that lies within so many of our pasts, and how it all can culminate into absolute mental madness. It is a film that reminds us that sometimes you have to deal with the past, and pushing it away and trying to hid the damage done will not have the results you would hope for. The emotional baggage is simply far too heavy. And for James and Danny, the baggage ways a TON. Maybe the weight of an “anchor” one would say. See what I did there. All kidding aside folks, Crown and Anchor is a fantastic film both visually and as a perfectly told story. There is so much to love about this, especially if the crime drama world is one you love to play around in regularly.




Writer/Director Andrew Rowe has an incredible story to share with you all. The script was actually co-written by the films main stars Michael Rowe and Matt Wells, whose performances are so spot on, which makes sense as they most likely wrote the parts themselves. This doesn’t always equal success, but when you have a squad this talented within the creative process, you’re going to get a film as superb as Crown and Anchor. And fucking superb it is! And it behooves to not to forget to mention the spectacular performance given by Natalie Brown, the strongest character of them all, stuck in between the madness of two cousins, both of which she has a confusing relationships with throughout her lifetime. I appreciated her character quite a bit for the simple fact that she isn’t entirely the most sane person, definitely the most sane in the film most likely, but she has flaws and mistakes that may not be as obvious as our main characters, but they do exist. And this adds a delightful human element to the story.  And horror icon Robert Joy steps in from time to time to deliver some incredible dialogue that may be some of the most memorable of the film.

Overall, Crown and Anchor is an absolutely delightful cinematic experience, and should be enjoyed by all. And in a couple of days, you can! And should. Check it out Everyone!



Crown and Anchor will be available on DVD and Digital on July 2nd!


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