Saturday Special: Blindsided [Film]


“Sloan Carter is a young girl who has recently been blinded. Her father leaves for the weekend and her two best friends, returning home from University, keep her company. A protege of her father’s, passing through town, also spends the night. The peaceful weekend is interrupted by a shadowy threat and the safe country getaway turns into a fight for survival.” – October Coast PR




Oh do I love a good old fashion thriller that doesn’t seek to sedate you, but to simply entertain and keep you on edge for a little while. That is exactly what Blindsided will do for you. It has all the stereotypical elements that we all know and love from thrillers, but with a nice little edge sharpened ever so gently around it all. There is a specific reason I say this, but alas, it would be a major “spoiler” and we all know how we shouldn’t do that. But trust me Folks, you will know it when you undoubtedly check out this wonderful film.

The cast of Blindsided is obviously a very superb one indeed, including the lead Bea Santos. But, as it tends to happen, it’s the writing of the film that makes their performances so spectacular. In the case of this film specifically, it is the dialogue between characters in the not so tense situations that is absolutely phenomenal. While it’s probably strange to make the comparison, as they are wildly different films, I couldn’t help but compare Erik Knudsen’s character Toby to that of a Randall Graves in the indie classic film Clerks. Kevin Smith always stated that he originally intended to play Randall, that’s why he had all the good lines. I don’t believe that was likely to be the case for filmmaker Johnny Mitchell in this case, but inevitably he created a wonderful bit of comedic relief with the character of Toby, and it plays out so great! And while Santos and Knudsen are my own personal highlights, it would be remiss of me to not quickly mention that Carlin Burchell who’s, albeit brief, performance was frightening as HELL! I was previously unaware of Burchell’s talent, but I damn sure am now and will be looking out for her work in the future.

Go see Blindsided, Folks. It’s a hell of a film that is sure to entertain, especially for those of you who can’t get enough of psychological thrillers. This is a damn fine one of those, and one of my favorite horror films of 2019 thus far. You’re going to like what you see.


Be sure to check out Blindsided on DVD and Digital August 13, 2019.


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