Sunday Matinee: Extracurricular Activities [Film]


“Reagan is a model high school student with a “killer after school job. When the parents of his classmates become too overbearing, self-obsessed – or just plain inconvenient – he offers to get rid of them for a price by setting up a series of “accidents”. But when seasoned police detective Cliff Dawkins starts putting the pieces together, it’s a battle of wits to see if Reagan can keep business booming while the rising body count brings Cliff closer to the truth.” – Big Time PR




Oh hot damn Folks. Do we have an incredible and exciting film to showcase for you all today. Extracirricular Activities is a delightfully dark comedy that is almost pristinely written and features an incredible main cast as well as a great collection of cameos from the likes of Angela Kinsey, comedian Bobby Lee, Danielle Macdonald, and many more. Of course, the main attraction is most definitely the main cast, specifically the absolutely incredible Colin Ford who gives a performance of a lifetime.



I’ve always absolutely loved the type of dark humor that this film presents. It is such a delightful escape from the real world. And when it is done well, it can be extremely engaging. It feels just a tad bit dangerous to be rooting for the “bad guy” of the film, but not an ounce of guilt is to be had in all actuality. Ford portrays Ragan Collins, a villain who is just so damn likable, thanks in part to his amazing performance, but also owes so much to screenwriter Bob Saenz for writing such a supremely interesting character into existence.

Extracurricular Activities is nothing short of being one of the finest dark comedies of the last 20 years. Director Jay Lowi and Cinematographer Jay Visit have created a brilliant visual demonstration of Saenz’s incredible tale that begs the viewers to ponder the question: Is what’s happening in the film really so bad? Instinctively we feel we should say “Yes”. But, when you really think about it……Nah, probably still have to say “Yes”. That’s why a film like this is so much fun. Let’s just sit back and pretend, shall we?


Extracurricular Activities will be available on VOD wherever you watch movies on June 4th.


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