Saturday Special: Room For Rent [Film]


“Lonely widow Joyce rents out a room to make easy money.  She meets mysterious drifter Bob and takes him in as a long-term tenant.  She becomes obsessed with her much younger guest, making him the object of her deepest romantic fantasies.  When a friend’s betrayal derails Joyce’s fantasy world, she seizes control of her own destiny with a deadly mission to finally get what she deserves.” – October Coast PR




First of all Folks, I have to start this off by saying one thing: I didn’t realize that I needed a Lin Shaye vehicle in my life until I was about 15 minutes into Room For Rent.

Of course, I was focused on the story in itself and how it was going to develop, and yada yada yada, all the things you’re probably supposed to do whilst watching a film for the first time. Especially a horror or thriller film where you can sort of tell where things are going to go, pretty quickly and you’re just sitting around waiting to be surprised. But, as it does, my mind started to wonder. I am very aware of Lin Shaye and some of the amazing work she has done. She has become somewhat of a legend specifically in the horror world, especially with the Insidious franchise under your belt recently. And lest we not forget the fact that she also spent time in the 80’s in the Critters franchise and many other works of horror. But, I would probably say I know her best due to the likes of the Farrelly Brothers. She appeared in, what I would consider, their three best films in small but memorable roles. Of course two of them would be Dumb & Dumber and There’s Something About Mary. But, as we have confessed in the past during our interview with one of the film’s stars Vanessa Angel, I’m all about Kingpin! And I will be god damned if Lin Shaye wasn’t a comedic delight!



So long story long, I then began to realize that while I almost appreciated Lin Shaye, I hadn’t realized that a vehicle just for her would be an amazing thing to witness. And wouldn’t you know it? Writer Stuart Flack managed to write an absolutely incredible story in Room for Rent in which Lin is able to shine and show the world why she has been a treasure in the world of cinema in over 150 films over 40 years. And in a very weird way, even though she is the obvious psychopath in the film, and her victims are unsuspecting and mostly innocent…..I was definitely rooting for her the whole time. Part of that may be my own weird psychosis, and just a love for the unexpected to happen in a suspense film. But a lot of it is probably owed to how wonderful Lin Shaye is as a performer.


Room For Rent overall is a delightful bit of escapism into an extremely dark world. The story is told so well, with wonderful performances all around. Director Tommy Stovall keeps the suspense tight and the mystery upon you right until the credits roll. It’s a delightful film that I know you are all going to love. Enjoy!


Room For Rent is in select theaters now, and available on VOD wherever you watch movies.


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