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Today we are sharing some words from a notoriously bad man. Well, on screen that is. Patrick Kilpatrick is a wonderful actor who has most likely appeared in a film or three that you love, as the guy you probably want to see dead. With a large stature, and intimidating demeanor, it is no wonder that he is stand amongst the likes of our previous guest Sven-Olen Thoreson as one of the finest villains that the world of film has ever known.

But, of course, Patrick is actually a very kind and generous person in real life. And in all reality, his roles are not entirely pigeon-held to just playing the bad guy. With a career spanning close to 40 years, Mr. Kilpatrick has accomplished so much more than just playing the bad guy. Although, it is undeniable that when it does come to playing an antagonist, you really can’t do much better than him. And that is why we are so excited to have him on the site to tell us about his work in some of the finest action movies of the past and present, and his brilliant new expose of this world in his new book, Dying for Living: Sins and Confessions of a Hollywood Villain and Libertine Patriot.

In the incredible interview that follows this long winded introduction, we get into the book, talk of his work in our beloved world of Troma Pictures, and a whole lot more. Patrick is a lovely man, who gives a wonderful interview and we are so damn excited to have him with us here on our digital pages today. So Folks, please enjoy some wonderful words from a true Hollywood legend, the great Patrick Kilpatrick!


What inspired you to get into the world of acting? Was it something you always had a passion for since your youth? Or did you just happen to find yourself in this world one day?

I had a passion for performance  which I worked out in all manner of sports. Football, baseball, basketball, wrestling – always a show. I had no acting aspirations at all as a boy or in university. I wished to become a journalist  (and that was a form of performance) and writer so that’s what I became  – working for nearly every magazine in New York and most of the ad agencies  – advertising and playwriting and directing in New York City in the 70s and 80s – then moved to screenwriting in between later acting jobs for others and my own company UDF, so writing has always been important and also provides a place where I can work without others largely when one gets weary of collaboration with so many. I knew I had insider stories and a unique background and life experience and highly placed lit agents agreed hence the book, Dying for Living: Sins and Confessions of a Hollywood Villain and Libertine Patriot.

One of your very first gigs was in the cult favorite Troma production entitled The Toxic Avenger. We have spoken with a lot of folks who have worked in the Troma universe throughout the history of its existence. I am curious to know how your experience was working on this now legendary horror comedy?

At the time I viewed it as sort of a student schlock film – perhaps the worst film in western civilization lol – but it struck some sort of chord for a generation. Not my idea of great filmmaking but clearly a necessary escapist outlet. Made $60 million dollars in five sequels. TROMA liked what I did so much they doubled my salary – $75 dollars to $150 for the week. It was ironic, by the time Toxic Avenger came out I had appeared as a lead in a huge PBS production Roanoak – both got great reviews at opposite ends of the cinema world.

You’ve made quite name for yourself as a go to actor for “villain” roles. From recent roles in a film written by our old friend Chad Law entitled Black Water, to one of my favorite action movie sequels of all time, Under Siege 2: Dark Territory, you have been causing mischief to the protagonist of films brilliantly for years now. So how do you enjoy this type of character? And beyond your obvious physical stature, what do you believe it is that has drawn folks to cast you in this light?

I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Its been rich acting turf. Whatever it is that causes me to have that ability it started early. I was the villain in my 1st grade play, The Pied Piper of Hamelin – I played the evil mayor. lol. Even in football I was always the roving ‘monster’ man defensive player or offensive end. I liked to seek and destroy and disrupt and once and a while catch a glam pass or interception. I think it was physical boldness and exuberant love of mayhem. I do think I became typecast in institutional TV and action films – fortunately that didn’t carry over into independent films as much so I’ve had my good guy moments. It does seem that even when I’ve been a good guy it’s often – not always – someone bravely, recklessly wreaking havoc on the enemy.

 Movie villains are quite prone to reaching a fatal ending at some point throughout most films. With that, I am curious to know what has been your favorite way to die on screen? What would be the most memorable way that you got to go out? 

I think in Class of 1999  being hit by a bus and having my head torn off by a forklift was fun. lol. In Parasomnia, one of my favorites, I got two screw drivers plunged into my eyeballs by the succulent Cherylin Wilson. Hard to beat that. Of course Naomi Watts made my head explode in Sleepwalkers, a manner of death I repeated in Scanners, The Showdown.

Patrick Kilpatrick in Under Siege 2: Dark Territory.

I understand you have a book out entitled Dying For Living – Sins & Confessions of a Hollywood Villain & Libertine Patriot. Can you tell our readers a bit about what they should expect to learn and enjoy whilst reading your story? 

These are explosive memoirs that any Hollywood or movie aficionado should read this year. And proceeds of sales go toward the continued care of veterans, America’s true action A-list heroes.

This is wicked, ribald, graphic, lascivious, close to the shattered bone, light the fuse and run reportage that every Hollywood aficionado intrigued by elevated craft and the inner workings behind the scenes brain damage, on & off set indulgence should gulp down.

Having played against a spectrum of Hollywood’s leading action heroes including, Tom Cruise, Yun-Fat Chow, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caan, Bruce Willis, Steven Segal, Sean Connery, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, to name a few you can expect unvarnished hilarious truth and celebration.  I’ve even waged war with the largest mammal on earth in Free Willy: The Rescue.

Although elegantly revealed I think , Dying For Living rips through social norms without regard to sensibility or political correctness. Plot points include murderous bi-polar assaults by an adulterous mother, privileged education amidst pastoral splendor and American Revolution patriotism. Also tucked in are bi-racial affairs, indiscriminate promiscuity and incendiary politics … not to mention, a near fatal car accident, motorcycle crashes, scribing for nearly every magazine in New York as well as bodyguarding the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Grateful Dead, Rod Stewart and more … plus a global vision for 21st century America. Let’s just say this – my last five movies – the stars were either too self indulgent or too neurally incapable to learn their lines or even use cue cards.

We launched Oct. 3, 2018 luncheon at The National Press Club and following event Q & A at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts – both in Washington, D.C. Renowned director and celebrated Leftist Oliver Stone’s son Sean Stone was host with Scott Evans of Access interviewer for both events. Glorious beauty Bai Ling did readings.

Nov 17, 2018 I headlined a book launch event at Barnes and Noble Union Square, New York City – largest in the country.

Throughout the national book tour I’ll be making coordinated visits and signings at VA hospitals.

Gossip can be interpreted as rumor and innuendo. I’m as ruthlessly truthful about myself and other – there’s no rumor – it all happened and the truth will out in an entertaining and often loving and scathing manner. The book has been extensively vetted by lawyers, lol. The book has many legs – eroticism, insider behind the scenes, literature value, hilarity, politics and provocation. hopefully wisdom, poignancy and celebration of others and my own life. The title refers to the exuberance, the hunger to live each moment.


 I understand that you will be actually be donating a percentage of your book sales to the Disabled American Veterans organization. Which is very cool, and as a service member I thank you. I am curious to know why you chose this organization specifically? And why did you choose this particular group of folks to support?

Over the years I’ve supported many vet groups, COALITION TO SUPPORT AMERICA’S HEROES which became WOUNDED WARRIORS, GALLANT MEN, PATRIOT’S HONOR, BAY AREA BUILDERS (they build and give challenged prepared houses for wounded warriors and their families in Texas) particularly wounded warriors, but DVA came up and asked me to be a Centennial Ambassador with Vince Vaughn and Mel Gibson so I said sure. Initially they said they would tie in their promotion arm with the book tour, but I knew all along the material might have elements a little too scandalous for them so I just give back and visit the vets in hospital. I want to make it clear the book is about far more than scandal and provocation. There’s inspiration, overcoming blindingly dangerous injury, craft, poignance, discipline and humor – as well as the juicy tell-all madness. I think that’s why we’ve gotten 100% 5-star reviews from critics and readers alike.


What else does the future hold for you? Anything else you would like to plug to our readers?

Its always been a merger of writing, producing, directing combined to bolster and enhance the acting. That hasn’t changed – I run a mentorship program – Uncommon Dialogue Films Entertainment Warrior Program – and those four disciplines are the key to acceleration and longevity. Self reinvention and self generated  creative life combined with audition mastery. That’s the equation. The business is vastly more competitive because of digital submissions, every meeting, every audition, every part is both a miracle and an opportunity that can’t be missed or haphazard. Deliver the Goods is the name of my curriculum and life motto – physically, emotionally, creatively.

Catalyst is coming out, I play a pedophile priest, The Grand Inquisitor – I’m a hard but redeemed border patrol Officer, Night Walk – a towering vessel of hate insulting each and every global cultural group, Burnoff – the heroic president of the United States. Black Water – head CIA interrogator on a submarine is on Direct TV now.

Vol. 2 of Dying for Living : Wasted Talent in the Valley of Debacle is out about Valentine’s Day.

We have signings: Jan 18th, Las Vegas Jan 26th and Hendersen, NV Jan 27th, Chaucer’s in Santa Barbara Feb 24, Vromman’s in Glendale Feb 28th, Burbank Barnes and Nobles March 23rd.  I alway bring in celb guest to have fun and bang the drum with the audience. A lot of audience participation, lol.

Sean Stone and I just wrapped filming Night Walk in Morocco – a Romeo and Juliet/prison flick, Night Walk sets Islam beauty (played by Sara Almi) and western journalist (Stone) in tragic love. Throughout my prison guard makes life hell for Stone’s character, journalist Frank. Sean’s Dad Oliver never met a ‘Socialist’ dictator he didn’t love, and Sean just converted to Islam in Iran no less, so our conversational turn is always like watching a two-headed goat staked out for an apex predator. I love him and he’s a supper smart young dude and fine actor.

Legendary Martial Arts Director Art Camacho has come along to signing – love, em he directed me to a People’s Choice Award in Assassin X, and actor buddies like renowned thespians Costas Mandylor and Ken Davidian and Bai Ling come by. We mix it up.

Published worldwide on all platforms and top retail outlets by Boulevard Books AMAZON.COMBARNESANDNOBLES.COM – hardcover, kindle, softcover, audio will be out momentarily.

Personal autographed copies are available on PATRICKKILPATRICK.COM.

There are buy portals all over FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My fiancée, my boys, my friends, my Dying for Living Christmas ad makes me laugh!

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