New Music Tuesday: Ph4de feat. Kap G – Don’t Say Much [Single]


In 2019, we are attempting to reach out into different realms of music than we have in the past. Of course, we are going to keep on showcasing our normal stuff, but expansion of the mind can be a beautiful thing. Today we are talking about hip hop. Specifically, we are talking about the new wave of hip hop that is very intriguing, even to an old head like myself.

If you happened to notice in our 2018 end of year lists, there were quite a few new age mainstream artists making appearances, including the likes of Post Malone (a.k.a. the auto-tuned Kurt Cobain) appearing 3 times in our Top 40 Singles list. This may have shocked some of our avid readers, but this has been a experiment of all things new that has been occurring (for me personally) over the last coupe of years. I’ve been attempting to appreciate what the new generation has to offer. I know in my heart of hearts that there is so pretty incredible stuff out there to enjoy. And it’s not as though we have ever strayed from the world of hip hop and R&B. It’s always been an important part of the Society. But, in all fairness, it’s always been a showcase of the underground hip hop artists that we still love and adore. Which leads me to today’s showcase:



Jacksonville raised artist Ph4de may not be a household name….yet. But, with his recent signing to In Vogue Records, and the release of this “Don’t Say Much” featuring Kap G, it is absolutely clear that he is destined to be a contender in the mainstream hip hop world. Press releases and critics alike will tell you: “Eminem level lyricism meets Drake’s melody over Travis Scott production.” And you know what..sure? Why not. These are indeed three very big names that could draw a viable comparison to what Ph4de is trying to do. But, I truly believe that he has abilities beyond this level. With “Don’t Say Much”, Ph4de has managed to combine every element of modern day hip hop and pop music that is practically required to be a hit record. But, with a bit of a twist. Ph4de and Kap G both manage to bring a two-word-a-second collection of bars that is oddly reminiscent of the old days that this aging writer can remember adoring. And yet, they modernize the whole damn thing with a catchy chorus that would work in the club, or on a light night drive in a car you probably think is nicer than it really is. It’s catchy, fun, and just down right entertaining.

Ph4de is planning to release a series of singles leading up to a brand new EP. And I can tell you all that I will definitely be watching closely for what the future holds for this incredible young artist. I can seriously only see great things for this cat. It is artists like this that make me feel as though the future of hip hop is going to be just fine. With emphasis on highly produced beats and at least a slight emphasis on the importance of having a great flow, Ph4de is the future that hip hop needs.

Follow Ph4de for yourself at the following: Instagram: @PH4DE Twitter: @PH4DE Facebook: Soundcloud:

Check out this lyric video for “Don’t Say Much” courtesy of the In Vogue Records YouTube channel:


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