John Michael Bond [Interview]

Welcome to Trainwreck’d Society, our guest today is John Michael Bond! (joyous laughter and clapping should commence). Some of you are going to get this. If you don’t, please read on….

Welcome back to our Comedy Showcase! Today we have one of my new favorites in the world of comedy. He is an absolutely hilarious stand up comedian and writer, and is also a wizard with the eye in the world of photography. John Michael Bond is an artist’s artist. He’s poignant and proper and just a damn fine human being. He also happens to be a co-host on one of the finest podcasts available right now! That brilliant podcast would be one Who’s Your God?, which you may remember from our segment yesterday about our favorite podcast intros. Or, that one of the show’s hosts is our dear friend Amy Miller. It is seriously the one of the best podcasts for so many different reasons. It’s a podcast about religion that was made for everyone. Believe or don’t believe, this is the podcast about a touchy subject that was intended to be accessible to everyone, and it absolutely does just that!

While I definitely wanted to ask John about the podcast, I also wanted to know a bit more about this hilarious human being and his brilliant work as a stand up comedian that is also admirable and so damn entertaining. I haven’t gotten the chance to see him live yet, but I am making it my life’s goal to do so. But, if you look for him on YouTube, you will assure yourself some damn fine evening’s entertainment!

So Folks, please enjoy some amazing words from the brilliant comedian John Michael Bond!

When did you first discover that you were a hilarious person, and that you were destined to stand up in front of a room to make people laugh and smile?

I’ve always loved standup, but didn’t have opportunities in my town of Chattanooga, TN. One day I watched a local standup show some friends decided to throw, I got drunk after the show and said I could do that, so my friend signed me up for the next shell. A month later he reminded me I agreed to do eight minutes on a show that night. Basically been doing it as much as I can ever since.

Your podcast Who’s Your God? that you co-host with Steve Hernandez and our dear friend Amy Miller, is simply one of the best out there right now. It has been an amazing year and change of hearing you and Amy and Steve and whichever amazing guest you have on. In the time you have been doing the show, what would you say has been your favorite moment thus far?

Julian McCullough explained how his natural empathy was something that caused him to drink in social situations as a way of not feeling everything around him. It’s made me reconsider how and why I party. I still drink too much, but I’m contemplative about.

Oh, and I believe I failed to ask Amy this very simple question…..what made you all want to do Who’s Your God? How did the 3 of you all meet, align, and decide this was something you wanted to give the world?

We already knew each other from comedy. But Amy and I did a festival together in Idaho last year, and after a show we got to talking about our individual religious upbringings. We came up with the idea for the podcast then, and added Steve later as a producer. We wanted a podcast about exploring and fixing religion that wasn’t just shitting on the faithful. Originally [Steve] was just going to record it, but during our first meeting we all clicked on the topic so much it became clear we should be a trio.

Has there been any sort of “lessons learned” or something of that nature that you have taken away from the program either for spiritual or personal enlightenment that still affects your life on the daily?

It sounds really cheesy, but it’s made me work harder on being present in the moment. In the last year it’s giving me a deeper appreciation for how fragile life is and how many opportunities we have to improve it if we want to with or without God.

Chattanooga, Tennessee isn’t exactly a town that comes up right away for comedy, but I understand that this is where you reign from. What has it been like to go back home and do stand up in front of people who you may or may not actually already know? Is it more difficult? Or easier in some ways?

It’s always fun to go home and tell jokes where you started. Sometimes it can be a little strange to ask your friends to pay money to come see you tell jokes at a local bar where you used to do it for free. On the other hand it’s really cool when people actually show up. I love Chattanooga.

Having done comedy across the country from Atlanta to L.A. and cities in between, what would you consider to be your favorite place to do stand up?

My favorite place to do stand up is Denver because they have incredible crowds that are as good as the ones in Atlanta but not everyone already knows me from doing jokes there every night like the people in Atlanta do. However I firmly believe that Atlanta is the best comedy city in America. I love it with all my heart and always will.

What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

I’ll be at 208 Fest in Boise, Idaho in September and co-host Who’s Your God every Wednesday.

What was the last thing that made you smile?

My wife honestly. She’s got a brutal, goofy, wonderful sense of humor, and we’ve been together 16 years so our stupid inside jokes go deep. Outside of Em, I’d say Joe Para Talks To You. There’s nothing as poignant, occasionally somber, and outright kind in comedy as it. Writing comedy that sweet is hard. That show is top to bottom brilliant.

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