New Music Tuesday: Comedy Podcast Intros [Exclusive!]

Hello Folks! Welcome to another edition of New Music Tuesday during our Comedy Showcase. Today I wanted to talk about one of my biggest obsessions of the last few years, and that would be the amazing world of podcasts! It’s a sensational medium that I am so happy that has flourished over the years. I have a batch of podcasts that I listen to as regularly as they come out, and big surprise, they are all done by very funny people. They may not all be actual comedians by trade (sorry Kevin Smith, love you Sir, but you know how it is), but they are al VERY funny.

And since this is our music segment of Trainwreck’d Society, I thought I would find a way to share with you fine folks some of my favorite podcasts by showcasing one very specific segment that shows ups in some podcasts, but not all. And with that being said, this is not an all-inclusive list of my favorite podcasts. That list would actually be entirely too long and probably wear itself out. So, I decided I would take this opportunity to share some of these amazing podcasts by showcasing them via their very cool intro music. And Folks, these are absolutely some of the best!

Each of the podcasts I listed below have been chosen for so many different reasons. Each one is very unique in its own right, and all of them are actually very different from each other. Hell, some of them are more about the hilarious dialogue that is simply backed up by music. But for whatever reason we love them, we absolutely love them! Everything from just a whistle a smile type tune, to a full on white-boy rap mantra, to legends like MC Chris also doing a white-boy rap mantra. There’s a lot going on here folks. And I’m not exactly able to share the intros, but I recommend that you take a listen to at least one episode of each of these podcasts, and I am willing to guarantee that if you don’t love each and every single one of these shows….you need to check your idea of comedy! These are all very uniquely different from one another, but all very uniquely hilarious in their own way! I love them all equally, and for exactly what they stand for.

Also Who’s Your God samples the move Major League??? Who the FUCK does that? Genius.

Alright, so please, please, please!!! Check out each and every one of these amazing podcasts I am featuring below. Get on their Patreons, buy whatever mattress or subscription razor products they are trying to pimp out…..just please keep these podcast things a substantial form of entertainment and help some of the funniest people in the world giving away free entertainment!

So yeah…I love my podcasts. And here are some of my favorites that happen to have really cool intros. So please enjoy!!

Hosts: Tom Thakkar and Tommy McNamara
Network: self-released



Hosts: Amy Miller, John Michael Bond, and Steve Hernandez
Network: self-released



Hosts: The Sklar Brothers and Daniel Van Kirk
Network: Starburns Audio



Hosts: Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds
Network: All Things Comedy


Hosts: Brady Berserker, Big Sexy Bry Firei, and Metal Mattson
Network: Gonna Geek


Hosts: Mark Normand and Joe List
Network: self-released


Host: Doug Benson
Network: self-released


Hosts: Rory Scovel and Daniel Van Kirk
Network: Starburns Audio


Host: Nick Thune and Brendon Walsh
Network: All Things Comedy


Hosts: Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
Network: Smodco Internet Radio

Hosts: Miel Bredouw and Demi Adejuyigbe
Network: Headgum

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