Sunday Matinee: King Cohen [Film]

“Buckle up for KING COHEN, the true story of writer, producer, director, creator and all-around maverick, Larry Cohen. Told through compelling live interviews, stills and film/TV clips, the people who helped fulfill his vision, and industry icons such as Martin Scorsese, J.J. Abrams, John Landis, Michael Moriarty, Fred Williamson, Yaphet Kotto and many more, including Larry himself, bring one-of-a-kind insight into the work, process and legacy of a true American film auteur. Few can boast of a career as remarkable or prolific, spanning more than 50 years of entertaining audiences worldwide.” – October Coast

Larry Cohen has always been one of those maverick figures that I feel like I always knew was out there, but really didn’t know anything about, until now. King Cohen dives directly into its attempt to make unwary viewers understand just how important this man was to the world of film and television. It also brilliantly provides the strong sense that with a strong work ethic and willingness to go as far as possible, pushing the limits of both society and the world of cinema, some really great art can be given to the world. Because that was exactly what Cohen did, and even continues to do.

And just as previously stated above by our friends at October Coast, and as any showcase of a film legend should do, there are a TON of wonderful interview subjects that are more than willing to tell you that Larry was, while a bit eccentric, probably one of the nicest guys in both old and new Hollywood. The brilliant Steve Mitchell (the man who wrote the seminal horror classic Chopping Mall!) knew exactly what he was doing, and managed to chop this brilliant film together to make a very lovely ode to a man who both changed cinema, but also rethought the way it could be created.

King Cohen begins its theatrical run July 27 in markets including Los Angeles and New York.

Special event screenings of the film will also be held throughout July and August in cities including Asheville, VA and Yonkers, NY.

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